Invitation or information

Today I spent some time in the adoration chapel. There were three other people there. A typical number for the middle of the afternoon. I don’t attend regularly, but it seems that the number is about the same each time I am there.

The church bulletin and web page give information about adoration, but I have never seen what Iwould call an invitation to attend.

Is there any reason for not taking the extra step of inviting people. “Come, follow me”.

So, I will invite you, to come to adoration. Come to the adoration chapel at your parish church, or any other church. Come today.


Most amazing time I’ve spent in my life.


Except for Holy Communion, the closest you can get to our Savior. Prayers are answered. Mystical experiences. Miracles. The peace which surpasses all understanding. The overpowering, breathtaking presence of the Holy Spirit.

WARNING: It may be habit forming.


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