Invitation to the Catholic Mass

I am looking for feedback on this Invitation to Our Holy Mass.
Before it goes to print. ~God Bless

Was not sure if it was in the best place for the question. Could not find the last one.
Thanks you

I can move the other one if you want to Traditional Catholicism.

You bet.
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Long story short. What are your thoughts on this invitation to our Catholic MASS?
God Bless

I don’t see anything wrong with it. I think it should be encouraged to invite people to Mass so they can see for themselves what the Mass is and any questions they
have mght be answered. It might be a way of bringing more people into the Church.

Long story short: it’s too long. If I were not Catholic, I would find it too much.


I disagree, having been a non-Catholic, I don’t think it’s long enough. That, or I just like to be contrary.


I with @Irishmom2 on this. Everybody wants things instantly now. If you’re hoping to attract people with this I don’t think you will. What it would be better used for if you attract people with a single-sided A5-sized leaflet and they say, ‘have you any more information?’ give them this longer one you’ve written.

Even if people here on CAF give you :+1: you’re going to need to run it by your parish priest for his approval, too.

Thank you for the insight. Means a lot.


As a non-Catholic I didn’t read it all. What I saw that I find pertinant is the paragraph intitled “invitation”. That’s about it…in it I’d explain what’s special about the blessing at communion.


I appreciate the feedback. As a non-Catholic you pick this up. The first thing you see is the front, the invitation. Your sitting in a Big O waiting to get some new tires. What would be in this Tri-fold that you believe would help someone like you take an interest? What would you say about the blessing of Communion?

Thank you.
In 2004 the RCIA in Logan Utah put this Trifold together.
Both the RCIA team along with those going through it.
I was in my second year as a new Convert. Part of the RCIA
for 14 years.
We gave these Trifolds out after Church tours that we did each first Tuesday at the beginning of each month.
We also had them delivered through the local News Paper.
We also ran 30 second commercials as an invitation to our Mass.

I had one cradle Catholic come up to me one day and said this close to my face.
“Where are we going to sit if to many come?”
This was when we were running radio ads as an invitation to the Midnight Mass.
I was kind of stunned being a new convert. I will never forget the words that came out of my mouth.
I said “We will sit on the floor”
Another said to me.
“Protestants do that kind of stuff, not Catholics”
That one hit hard.
But it was ok, she was being honest in her own mind.
My goal since I was baptized is to hit the hearts of those who do not yet know anything about our faith.
I love inviting souls to Mass. I have always looked for a way for shy people to invite. Its hard for many.
I am not stuck on this one Tri-fold. I want to keep working it. Any suggestions would be welcome.

This was approved by our Priest in 2004, in Logan Utah.
Your right, instantly! I will work on it harder. Shorter with those things that hit the heart.
~Thank you for your feedback

“We cannot separate our lives from the Eucharist; the moment we do, something breaks. The Eucharist involves more than just receiving; it also involves satisfying the hunger of Christ. He says “come to me”. He is hungry for souls. Nowhere does the Gospel say: “Go Away” but always “Come to Me”….The Eucharist is connected with the passion. If Jesus had not established the Eucharist we would have forgotten the crucifixion….To make sure that we do not forget, Jesus gave us the Eucharist as a memorial of His love.”

…………Mother Teresa

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Thank you
You never know what will bring a soul to the Mass for the first time. For many of us its hard to just ask.
“Would you like to go to Mass with Chantal and I this Sunday” Its easy to ask, yet it can be hard to ask. Right?
When you love someone dearly you talk about that person to others. You want others to meet them. Is it not that way with Christ?
If you have any suggestions that you believe would make this Invitation stronger please let me know.
God Bless
Share with you a bit about my story. Feel free to do the same


Several years ago, before I was Catholic, I saw an ad in a newspaper inviting those who were interested in taking a Discovering Judaism class. It was set up like
the RCIA program and began before the High Holidays in August or September I
think. It went on into the spring and there were some who converted at the end.
I took it although I was not planning on converting. I wanted to learn more about
Judaism. Some attending were couples where the men were Jewish and their fiances were not and they wanted their wives to learn more about Judaism so they could convert or at least help in teaching the children about Judaism. Ir was very
interesting. We had a book we followed and we had classes in two different synagogues - one reformed and one conservative.

I wish someone would have invited me to Mass when I was in high school or
in college.

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God bless your evangelist’s heart!

I’m torn. I’m a convert (2004) from Evangelical Protestantism.

I agree with adamhovey1988 that non-Catholics who are open to viewing Catholicism as a true Christian church want more information about Catholicism. I think there is a lot of good information in this folder and a lot of questions answered.

But non-Catholics also want a knowledgeable authority to impart that information, not some piece of paper with a lot of writing and NO AUTHOR/no credentials listed.

There are two websites given. Neither of those websites gives a NAME of a real person. The website lists a Mission in Utah–highly suspect! There are Evangelical Protestants who might be really wary of anything in Utah because of the LDS! And the other website is just a “find it”.

BTW, a lot of Evangelical Protestants aren’t familiar with the term “parish.” I know, sounds silly, but it’s true. I didn’t know what a “parish” was. (Most Mainline Protestants do use this term, so it’s not an issue for them.)

Or perhaps the author’s name and credentials is printed somewhere on your brochure and you simply didn’t post that on this online site? That’s understandable.

At any rate, Evangelical Protestants will not give much attention to a piece of writing without an author, and preferably, that author should disclose their credentials. The credentials don’t have to be education (a degree), but there should at least be the author’s personal testimony and experiences.

I usually get a lot more respect from Evangelical Protestants when I reveal the church where I grew up and served–several beloved authors/preachers who have achieved world-wide fame and honors were/are members of my Protestant church (even Catholics would recognize some of the names and organizations).

One thing that you could do is list books by former Protestants that people who want to read more can look up–I recommend Evangelical Is Not Enough by Thomas Howard–his Evangelical Protestant credentials are IMPECCABLE and his books demonstrate knowledge and thorough understanding of Evangelical Protestantism and their culture. Scott and Kimberly Hahn have written a lot of good books and they are from the Calvinist Protestants (Presbyterian). And Steve Ray has wonderful books. There are other good apologists with good books–please list these. Evangelical Protestants are avid readers and will appreciate getting a list of other resources that they can check out.

One more issue that I have with the brochure–find a more “modern” painting of our Lord Jesus. That painting looks too “Catholic.” There are plenty of beautiful and reverent paintings of our Lord that would appeal to Protestants, especially Evangelical Protestants. When you are attempting to evangelize, you usually try to adapt the customs and costumes of those you are evangelizing, to the extent that they don’t compromise any of your beliefs or practices.

Again, blessings to you and may your work bear fruit!

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I’d put the “Invitation” paragraph first…not hidden in the middle.

IDK, you need to tell me. You call it a “special blessing”, what’s special about it? As a non-Catholic who comes from an open communion background…if I’m not welcome at your table, why am I getting this special blessing and what’s special about it?

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