Invitatory Psalms


Just out of curiosity, a question for those who pray part or all of the LOTH. What Psalm do you prefer? The default seems to be 95. I use 100. 67 and 24 are also available.

Why Psalm 100 for me? I just like the upbeat tone of the whole psalm. And I smile at "we are his people, the sheep of his flock". As anyone who has worked around sheep can tell you, sheep are dumb. :D


Dumb but cute - that's us ;)

I like Psalm 24 -

'Gates, lift high your heads, grow higher, ancient doors, let Him enter, the King of Glory!'.

It's wonderful to think of even inanimate objects reacting to God's presence and praising Him with everything they are capable of.


I use Psalm 67. I'm a Benedictine Oblate and that's the one St. Benedict calls for in the Rule.


I like all EXCEPT 95. I don't find it very invitatory. It ends in too much punishment and warning, and tends to drive me away rather than drawing me to God. I can take it every 4th day, but would struggle starting every day's prayer with it. The other three are wonderful.



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