Inviting friends for staying overnight - appropriate?


Dear all, I would like to ask you a question about morality of male/female friendships and about boundaries a young Christian girl should set. I would like to apologize first for asking on a Catholic forum even though I am Orthodox, but I believe that this consideration matters for any Christian teenager.
I am a 17 year old high school student (female). Since my school grades were exeptional, I received a scholarship for an international summer course in a subject which really fascinates me. It was a great experience for me and I met many friends who share my interests. I was particulary close to two friends (a girl and a boy, both 18), with whom I had very much in common and who were both Christians too. Unfortunately, they live in a different country, but I would still like to maintain this friendship. That is why I considered inviting them to my city, so that we can do some sightseeing together. I live in a boarding home of my school where we are allowed to invite friends from time to time.
I will certainly invite my female friend for two or three days, but I have doubts if it would be appropriate for a christian girl to invite a boy (even though he is just a friend and a Christian too) to her home. However, he would have an own room and I would never spent too much time alone with him (I wanted to invite both friends in the same time).
I know that I should discuss this with my parents, but I didn’t want to dissapoint them by asking directly, since they know that I am a demure girl who would never flirt with boys or commit something sinful.
Could I ask you about your opinion on this topic before I ask my parents? Would you allow your daughter to invite both a boy and a girl?
Thank you very much for your time and I am looking forward to your opinions :slight_smile:
P.S. I am sorry for my English, I am not native


Your English is excellent. :grinning:


I would. Assuming there will be appropriate adult supervision (since you are still a minor) I think it is fine.


Your English is better than many here!
Talk to your parents about it. If everything is as you’ve described, and they know you better than anyone on this board, they may say yes. But if the answer is no, please be respectful of their answer and don’t argue.


What you have described wouldn’t bother me, but I am not your parents. You should really ask them.


As a parent, I would be fine with it, since there is a separate room for him and there will be adults in the house.


Thank You very much for your opinions.
I am cherished that many of you praised my English, thank you for that too.
I am glad to hear that I can enjoy time with my friends without doing something against my belief. I will talk to my parents soon and hope that their reaction is aproving too. :slight_smile:


I think you should talk about this with your parents. I think if you could maintain the propriety of the situation then it should be ok.

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