Inviting Pope a mistake says Ian Paisley

The Pope’s trip in September will be the first official state visit by
a Pontiff to the UK and the first papal visit since John Paul II in
Speaking ahead of his formal elevation to the House of Lords next
week, the former DUP leader said: “I think he should not be
invited to the country.”
Mr Paisley, who has a history of denouncing the Catholic Church,
said abusing priests were “anti-Christ”.
“We have had a terrible happening in Ireland with the priests and
monks and nuns all taking part in acts of disgraceful behaviour
with young people, and we haven’t seen the Catholic Church
taking a strong stand on this,” he told the BBC World Service.
He added: "A person, like some of the priests we’ve had,
destroying the lives of young people and then going out and
saying ‘I can forgive sins’, it’s only right that be called what it is.
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Mr Paisley is one to talk about child abuse - contrary to the article he first came to real prominence when he had a hand in the abduction of a young girl called Maura Lyons. I advise you to look that up, especially the way falsified tape recordings of the young girl were produced by Paisley and others stating that she rejected her Catholic faith as it was full of ‘fear and dread’ and how she escaped while three priests were getting ready to forcibly imprison her in a convent.

He’s mellowed over the years but those of us more familiar with him here recall him storming into the European parliament and denouncing the Pope as the antichrist:-

He’s not a black and white figure as he has in his constitucency in NI over the years actually done more for Catholics in practical ways than many nationalist MPs have but he most certainly does despise the Catholic Church as an organisation and always has. He has just learnt the value of putting it in a more media friendly way over the decades as he realised later on that the style of anti-Catholic preaching he represents in the north of Ireland doesn’t look too good on a world stage.

"the priests and monks and nuns* all **taking part in acts of disgraceful behaviour with young people, and we **haven’t *seen the Catholic Church taking a strong stand on this," he told the BBC World Service.

I’d hate to see what he would say if he **hadn’t **“mellowed over the years”!

I refuse you as Christ’s enemy and Antichrist with all your false doctrine."
Both addressed at Pope John Paul II on a visit to the European Parliament October 1988

That’s rather typical of the man’s position regarding the Catholic Church.

And this was his follow up to been ousted from the European Parliament:-

I have read in the Book of Revelation the power of the word of testimony, but I never realised what power was in a martyr’s testimony. If I had brought a ton of explosives and let them off in that Assembly it could not have had a greater effect. That vast Assembly erupted, and the books started to fly and the punches started to be thrown, and the kicking started, but I held my ground and maintained my testimony. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN EUROPE TODAY AND EUROPE IN REFORMATION TIMES. This afternoon I read again the story of Luther, at the Diet of Worms. Who presided over the Diet of Worms? The Emperor Charles, Head of the Holy Roman Empire. Who was he? He was a Habsburg. It is interesting to note that one of the men who attacked me is the last of the Habsburgs-Otto Habsburg, the Pretender to the Crown of Austria and Hungary. I said to myself, ‘The Habsburgs are still lusting for Protestant blood. They are still the same as they were in the days of Luther.’ The members of the Roman Catholic Party of Mr. Le Pen of which John Taylor is a member were round me battering away at me as hard as they could"

Check out his website where he also tells us why Slobodan Milosevic was a great lad who was just fighting off an evil Vatican plot to destroy the Serbian Orthodox Church.

There is no response to be given to Mr. Paisley except that of faith and prayer. Let him bubble in his own rhetoric. No one is listening.

Unfortunately not true as Mr.Paisley is a major political player in the North of Ireland still although he has stepped down as first minister there. His son Ian Paisley Jr. has succeeded to his seat as an MP and Ian Paisley senior’s influence is huge there. He has been one of the most prominent political figures in the north for well over 40 years and commands a massive influence there.

OK point taken Jharek but those statements are hardly more absurd or extreme than the claim that ALL Catholic priests, monks and nuns are child abusers.

I suppose you’re right. There will always be fools who prick their ears to the baying of asses, but how should we Catholics respond to such nonsense? More to the point, how are the Catholics in Northern Ireland responding to Paisley’s nonsense? Surely the British Government doesn’t take him seriously, does it?

Ian once claimed that all Roman Catholic Chapels were used as storehouses for the IRA. Ian is a complex figure though as I said, the fact abortion is still illegal in the north of Ireland is in part due to the influence he and other religious figures still wield there and he was willing to work with Catholics for a bloc vote oppossing it.

Paisley has a complex relationship with the British govt. In earlier years he was often frozen out or marginalised by it although as he represented a signifcant percentage of the people of the north he had to be accorded some official recognition. In recent years he has become more acceptable as he has generally moderated his stances and he was recently made into a life peer and is a privy councillor. People should be aware the attitudes concerning the Church in the article that starts this thread are not too far away from what many people feel about the Church here in the UK.

Paisley cannot easily be dismissed as an *** either as he is regarded as an effective MP even by many Catholics in the north. As a point of fact Rathlin island which is mainly Catholic benefitted from him lobbying on it’s behalf over the years. It would be easy to dismss him as a crude bigot (and indeed at times he can be) but he is full of contradictions also.

Catholics even regard Ian ambigously, he is a dinosaur and he misrepresents the Catholic Churches position on many things but people in the north would see him as someone from there who at least understands the area more than central govt. figures at Westminster.

You have to understand that Ian is not unique to his generation but represents a long line of similar figures in the north. Part of their appeal and power comes from the siege mentality that many unionists live with whereby they feel that giving away power to the other community will ultimately mark the end of their own community.

I am a Scots-Irish Catholic.You have to be brought up in NI or western Scotland to understand Ian Paisley.Like many Catholic and Protestant bigots he is what he was taught…They use their religion like personal a flag ,ripped apart and resown to suit what ever kind of twisted translation of Christianity they can come up with .And it also helps if you have a big voice an overpowering ego and some simple minded people willing to listen.the problem is when Paisley and ilk are also intelligent ,they can devise ways of using the poor and simple minded to treat them like heros and so their egos get bigger and bigger.I am Catholic my husband is Protestant My g/parents hail from Galway his from Protestant Donaghdee N.I. they would turn in their graves if they were alive,there is nothing you can tell me about hatred when it comes to these people ,that is the reason we now live in Canada

Indeed although the ridiculous irony of it all is that historically the Presybterians were subject to official proscriptions against the practise of their faith and many Presybterians were influential in the early years of Irish republicanism.


Thanks for posting.

Paisley and others at the time claimed to find these tape recordings among the milk bottles on their doorsteps. Although a number of people from both sides of the community in the north claimed the voice on the recordings sounded nothing like the young girl. She was hidden away from her own parents for some time and it was only the fact that practically speaking unionist were the de facto power above all others in the north at the time that allowed the situation to continue. Eventually she returned to the Catholic Church and today does not talk about Paisley at all. Admittedly Paisley himself was a young man in his late 20s at this time and has openly regretted his actions concerning this. But he comes across as something of a hypocrite when he makes these generalised claims about our Church.

This man opposed in his own inflammatory and dangerous way the civil rights campaign of the 1960s, the Sunningdale Agreement of the 1970s, the Anglo-Irish agreement of the 1980s and the whole peace process and subsequent Good Friday agreement of the 1990s
He did absolutely nothing for the Irish peace movement, so his tirade about The Pope is in keeping with the awful person that he is.
I remember the story about the girl, I come from Scotland grew up in The Royal Mile about one block away from Holyrood Palace where The Pope will meet the queen. Some of my family still live there and they are over the moon with excitement.

‘‘Complex’’ seems too small a word for him :confused: :smiley:

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