Invoking Saints

I love the teaching of the Communion of Saints, it’s a beautiful thing and I’ve learned how to explain it to people for the most part, but on some points, I’m a little unclear on how to do so. If you could help me out, that would be much appreciated.

What exactly does it mean to invoke a Saint?

How does invoking one Saint differ from another?

**It doesn’t really. Some saints are “patrons” of particular needs or professions due to their particular life story or situations. People who work with children invoke St. Nicholas, people who write, invoke St. John or the other Evangelists, etc.
You can find lists of patronages online. There’s pretty much a saint for everything. **

Invoke comes from Latin “invocare.” In- (on, in) + vocare (to call).

So invoke usually means you’re calling upon the saint for help – literally, calling to the saint, or calling the saint’s name.

“Yo, Bob, help me, would ya?” is another example of invoking a person’s aid. :slight_smile:

So basically, you invoke a saint when you do any kind of prayer or conversation with a saint. It’s a fancy technical term, that’s all.

I just ask the Saint by name to intercede for me, then say : Our father, Hail Mary and Glory be prayer, and say thank you.:slight_smile:

You invoke a saint the same way you ask your mom to pray for you.

You might have a saint who appeals to you specifically, or who struggled with the same struggles you’re facing, or who has a “good reputation” for a particular field. For example, St. Monica prayed for 17 years for Augustine, so she might appeal to a mother who is worried about her straying child. Expectant mothers-- or those who wish to become mothers-- pray to St. Gerard Majella with confidence, because so many people have been helped by his intercession. St. Martha was the one who was tired and overworked and offended that her sister preferred to sit with Jesus rather than lift a hand to help her out… so she would appeal to someone who was having difficulty with their households. All three are likely to appeal to a troubled woman-- but each in different ways.

However, it’s good to remember that while we frequently call upon the saints to intercede for us— what do we do for them in gratitude? In addition to thanking God for the answers to our prayers, it’s good to remember to thank the saints for uniting the value of their petitions to our cause.

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