Involuntary Emissions


I am fighting the long-time habit of mortal sin against chastity, namely self-pollution, for some time now. However, when the temptation is strong enough for a long enough period of time, involuntary emission occurs. I know nocturnal emission is not a mortal sin, is this kind of day emission a mortal sin? I have not anywhere been able to find the answer to this question.


I would think that if it is involuntary, meaning you have no intent, and take no action to make it happen, it could not possibly be a sin. Sin requires direct action and intent.


duskyjewel is right. If it is involuntary, it is not a sin.

I’ve heard some speculation by men (I am a woman and do not know myself) that nocturnal and involuntary emissions become less frequent as one gets older and one distances himself more from masturbation, and also as the individuals thoughts become more chaste.


I’ve heard that being sexually active actually reduces the frequency of involuntary emissions, as well as age does. Aquinas wrote that it could be a sin if there had been some fault in what led to it. I’ve heard various opinions. Personally, I don’t think it’s ever the same as if one simply masturbated and I’m not sure how involuntary emission adds to the sin committed by watching porn, for instance. If it’s a result of how the body operates, including attraction to women, perhaps even some struggles, but no voluntary savouring of sexual thoughts, then I can’t really see sin in it. Not like I’m any authority.

Also, it doesn’t seem like involuntary emission in itself can be someful, but more what led to it. That is, whatever sin is committed that may lead to it, is committed before it happens. Imagine the following situation: a man watches porn, repents a short while after, confesses, is absolved, goes to bed, has involuntary emission, did not entertain any sexual thoughts in between absolution and that involuntary emission. He obviously doesn’t incur any sin - at least that’s what my common sense is telling me. Now, this would suggest that if he doesn’t repent and gets the same, then well, the difference is that he didn’t repent of watching porn, so that sin holds, but the fact there was an involuntary emission later is probably just a sign of how intense the thoughts were (intense enough to lead to ejaculation and waste of seed). Another factor speaking against a sin “getting committed” at the moment of involuntary emission is that the man is sleeping (we aren’t talking about a hypothetical situation occuring while awake), so in no position to make choices. So I’m inclined to think the sin “gets committed” at the moment the cause of it happens. And if the cause is not a sinful act of itself, then there’s nothing sinful in the whole thing. But my logic isn’t flawless, I imagine, and I’m no expert in theology.


Are you saying you are ejaculating involuntarily when you’re awake? I assume you have an erection prior to this. What causes the erection? Is this when you’re with a woman, “making out”, etc., or does it just happen when you’re doing normal daily activities like mowing the lawn?

Please excuse the directness, but sometime it helps clarify things. :o


It can happen when I am with someone yes, or otherwise when unchaste thoughts tempt me strongly enough for a long enough period of time. These thoughts are often times strengthened by my memories of using pornography.


Just don’t think those thoughts.

Try praying the Jesus prayer when you first notice yourself thinking about those images you took into yourself in the past:

“O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner. Amen”

I mean as soon as the thought begins to tempt you. Don’t dwell on it.

Alternatively, if a specific pornographic image of a woman you looked at comes to mind, think of this woman as she probably really is, being abused and molested by pathetic rich men for the porn industry, maybe doing it to feed her neglected children, or maybe to feed her crack habit. Then think “when I bought that magazine/logged onto that website, I paid for that woman to be treated like ****”. Think of the pain that this objectification caused and continues to cause. Think, even, of the eternal destiny that the pornographers, their models, and those who use pornography and are enslaved to it, are destined to unless they repent.

That will probably still lead to an emission - of vomit!

Mortification also helps, though it has to be in moderation, and it has to begin before the arousing thoughts get to you. If you start whipping yourself when you’re already turned on, you’ll just develop even more sexual perversion. A cilice worn for a couple of hours, or a cold shower, or a fairly strict fast. Because emissions dehydrate you, try not drinking any water or other fluids for 6 hours after any emission - by the end of that you’ll have the most awful splitting headache, which will slowly change your body’s patterns.

Sorry to be harsh. Have been there myself. I’m just trying to offer the benefit of my own experiences of dealing with this sin. I’m not saying i’m perfect either.


Develop a true devotion to Mary. When you are able to look at women in the light of her purity it will give you strength to fought off thoughts of lust.

Ask her to intercide on your behalf, overtime it should help.

Hail Mary
Full of Grace
the Lord is with thee…

Fill your thoughts with the goodness of Christ, it pushes out the darkness…


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