Iowa conservative leader says Rubio's boyish looks work against him: 'He looks 19' - [Fox News Latino]


Iowa conservative leader says Rubio’s boyish looks work against him: 'He looks 19’

Urbandale, Iowa – One of the nation’s most prominent social conservative leaders, an Iowa Republican whose endorsement GOP presidential candidates aggressively pursue, says that one key reason he opted not to throw his support behind Sen. Marco Rubio was because his youthful appearance works against the public seeing him as presidential.

In an exclusive interview with Fox News Latino, Bob Vander Plaats – whose endorsement in 2008 of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and in 2012 of Sen. Rick Santorum was seen as crucial to their victories in the Iowa caucus – said he had given serious consideration to endorsing either Rubio or Sen. Ted Cruz before deciding on the Texas firebrand.

“It wasn’t an easy choice,” Vander Plaats said in a recent interview conducted in a conference room of the spacious offices of his organization, The Family Leader. “There’s a lot I like about Marco. It was coming down to two people – not Trump and Cruz, but Cruz and Rubio.”

I think it is said JFK was a very youthful looking President, Marco really looks much younger than JFK in my view. Does MR look 19? Maybe 35 would be a better assessment. Though, I’m not voting on a candidate’s appearance.

That said, I really like him. If he is hawkish in some international policy, that needs to be ironed out. His speech at the Brookings Institute a few years ago, indeed, showed a lot of knowledge but needs to be scrutinized.


Unfortunately, looks matter. I look a lot younger than I am. As evidenced by the article, people are prone to blowing you off. It’s very irritating sometimes.


Its not just that he looks 19. I saw the first GOP debate. I saw the beginning of the 2nd debate. He is caught off guard at the beginning where he is checking his hair :stuck_out_tongue: Then in his introduction he gives a very ill-timed, bad joke. He acts younger than his years, too. Tell him to come back in 20 years and we will see if he’s got the stuff to lead this country.


Everyone say they look younger than they are. I had a bad experience with a mirror Sunday night. Why would a mirror in a church lie like that? :confused: Perhaps it was because the mirror was in an Episcopal church.:blush:


He does look very young, but I don’t think that works against him that much. He’s extremely good looking, and I greatly prefer men with blond hair! Cruz may be a fine man and very nice, but he comes off as kind of unlikable and hard to get to know. Trump is just bombastic. He needs to tone it down, but then I suppose he wouldn’t be Trump.


LOL. Well, last year a middle-schooler saw me walking, carrying my son in a baby-carrier, and she asked if he was my little sister!


Many years ago my 2 year old baby brother answered the door for the Fuller Brush salesman with my mother following a few seconds behind him. The salesman asked by brother if this was his grandmother! He did not make a sale that day. :smiley:

Mom was almost 43 when her last baby was born, so it was a reasonable mistake, but bad salesmanship.


May people should actually listen to him speak, rather than pre-judge him based on his appearance.


Marco is too young, he hasn’t even completed one term as Senator.

Electing an inexperienced but bright shinny object is the same mistake we made with Obama.


Trump hasn’t completed any terms as Senator…


I’d say people are supporting Trump because he does have a record of accomplishment in business.

I wouldn’t suggest Rubio as POTUS for the same reason Apple or GE doesn’t pick a recent top grad from Wharton to be CEO,


I think now, while being observant of what the candidates say, I’d vote for Rubio first, Cruz second. The two are very close in my preferences. JFK was a president at a very young age.


So, this logic rules out Cruz and Paul as well?


The three youngest were Teddy Roosevelt (42)
JFK (43)
And Bill Clinton (46)

So if it is Rubio, he’d be the third youngest. Cruz might be the same age as Clinton if he’s elected.


Teddy had a solid record of reform and leadership, Bill had been a Governor.

I like Rubio but think he needs more experience.


Perry and Walker were ideal, they were or are governors.

Again, if one says Rubio lacks experience, they say that for Paul and Cruz too.

And then, it shows a bit of shallow experience for the job of President per Carly and Carson.

Rubio does have experience and he has chosen not to run for reelection, complicating things.

Still, most polls have shown, he’d defeat Hillary Clinton.


Yes, most polls say that, but unfortunately the GOP nominee will probably be Trump or Cruz, probably Trump, a man Clinton would almost certainly leave in the dust:


Some interesting reading:

And yes, if by some miracle Rubio receives the nomination, you can bet your bottom dollar this will be a front page issue.


Why isn’t Marco Rubio winning?


I’m inclined to agree. Don’t get me wrong, I’d hold my nose and vote for Trump, but if I as a staunch social conservative feel that way, I don’t have much faith people would vote for him. Which candidate do the democrats fear more? Color me shocked if Trump wins the election. We desperately need someone who can appeal to the Hispanic vote, especially someone who can also appeal to family values. I don’t know much about Rubio, but I’m troubled a lot of people keep writing him off.

I know economics are important, but Liberals keep winning because they aren’t afraid of appealing to heart-strings. We need a story, besides money and vitriol, that people can gather around. We have to stop defining ourselves against the establishment, or at least provide an alternative identity. This image is partly due to media bias, sure, but some of it is real.

Surprisingly, in a poll that aligned your answers with candidates, I aligned about 50% (!) with Clinton and Sanders. The issues we disagree on are so profound though, I would not ever vote for them given our current conditions.

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