Iowa: DHS says 10th "Safe Haven" baby left at hospital after birth

The Iowa Department of Human Services says the state’s Safe Haven law was used for the 10th time about three weeks ago. D.H.S. spokesman Roger Munns says the baby girl was delivered at an Iowa hospital on April 24th, and then was left with hospital officials by the mother.

Munns says the baby was five weeks premature, but otherwise healthy, and after several days in the hospital to gain strength, was released to the state. Munns says there will be a hearing to terminate the parental rights of the child next month. Munns says this case had one unusual twist that didn’t happen with the other nine children.

Munns says someone called the hospital shortly after the birth and asked about the baby, which led them to believe that someone might want to claim the child. Munns says they had to wait to be sure the baby was not claimed before moving ahead. He says a mother that would have second thoughts about giving up a baby is not unusual.

This is a wonderful program, I just wish more women would take advantage of it.

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