Iowa mother delivers her own baby on way to hospital


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Iowa mother delivers her own baby on way to hospital**

DES MOINES, Iowa —An Iowa mother delivered her own baby en route to the hospital last weekend.

Jessika and Danny Thurman were on their way from their home in Mitchellville to Methodist Medical Center, but their baby wouldn’t wait.

“I could just feel her, she was coming out and there was no stopping her,” said Jessika Thurman.

Jessika Thurman said it was only about 20 minutes between when she woke up from a nap with contractions to when she delivered her own baby sitting upright in the passenger seat of the van. The moment was captured on a 911 call with a dispatcher.


Babies come in their own good time. A friend of mine had her 1st baby in the backseat of the car, with her husband driving like a maniac. When she told him the baby was coming, he said, “Don’t be ridiculous; you aren’t the kind of woman to have a baby in the backseat of a car.” So the baby was born going about 90 miles an hour. That wasn’t the first - or last - time she proved him wrong. :wink:


DANG! Now, THAT’S a STRONG woman! Don´t anybody mess with her! :wink:




Yes, babies do have their own agenda. God bless Mom.


God bless her. What a testimony to the fact that children want to LIVE!
Prayers fro mother and child. And daddy! :wink:


I once read a story of a lady here in Mexico who gave herself a cesarean! I think she drank a bottle of tequila, first!

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