Iowa town become flash point in immigration debate

Iowa town become flash point in immigration debate

This AP article is missing one thing that is of critical importance to the story. I do not know if the writer is a complete idiot or an activist trying to continue to promote a false strawman to slant his story.

So here is my question. What word, which is critical to this story is conspicously omitted? It is on this word that the issue revolve. When it is omitted, one side sets up a strawman argument. When it is added, the Church’s position, according to the CCC is reversed.

What is the word?

The word missing is “illegal” and no, the “journalist” is not a moron. He is part of the MSM that fictionalize stories to meet their agenda.

My wife is a immigrant.
We waited nine months for a visa.
We wanted her to be a legal not a illegal immigrant.
Wait your turn, do it right, if you get caught, back you go. If you have children here find a nice family like ours that have let the Church know we will take care of your kids if you get deported until you ge a chance to get back in legally
Make these plans ahead of time illegals, it will save you some of the heart ache when you get deported.
Better yet, get a immigration attorney while you are still here and pay your fines and become legal.

Boy, that wasn’t that hard was it. The whole opposition to illegal immigration is always falsely painted as anti-immigration in today’s media. I am glad you said what you did about the main stream media. Too often lately I have wondered if I was just getting overly paranoid and then I see articles like this, in AP none the less, come across as total deceit. Well, we all know who the father of lies is. Follow the lies, find out which side the devil is on.

It is the Relativistic nature of the left that has perverted society. This is where much of the MSM resides. That is why they do not have any credibility with me. MSM, IMO, mean Main Stream Mafia instead of Main Stream Media because of all the “hit pieces” in the past 7+ years.

I am just now beginning the immigration process for my wife and step son…maybe we should just fly to Mexico and walk in.

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