Ipad Bible does it give you same joy as real bible?


I hope we never see a day when the Sacred Kindle replaces the Sacred Page.

For one thing, a book is future proof, and a book always works, even when electricity is scarce. .


I use both. I do prefer the book for prayer, but the tablet is more functional, especially in low light. I put a label on my tablet thought “HOLY BIBLE”.
noteworthy that some church in australia used a tablet at the ambo and they got in trouble over it.


Our pastor preaches from notes on an iPad.


I use both, but will admit that when using the IPad, I miss the ability to highlight, underline, write notes in the margins, etc.

I do worry that our society will drop off or lose the ability to open The Word and flip to a page or passage…much like the loss of the card catalogue!

As Tim has said: I pray that we never see the day when ‘the sacred Ipad’ is processed into Mass!

Peace in Christ to all!


Oh indeed! If we ever get EMPd and the power goes off, we will be reading hard copies by candlelight…but we will have them to read. Thank God!


That’s no big deal and violates nothing in the GIRM, so it’s okay.

It is certainly very easy to pull up the Catechism or encyclicals and other reference documents during a homily like that and I have seen that in my parish.

One thing that is also useful is that such a homily can easily be shred by email or just made available to everyone online, which I often wish was always the case.


I’m pretty sure it’s an auto-correct goof and CM meant homilies easily be shared, but I got a small chuckle thinking that some homilies should indeed be shredded. :wink: Even good pastors have bad homilies every once in awhile.


I personally don’t mind hard book vs e-book, regardless of what it is. If its a book that I have a joy for, I tend to have it as both. They both have their pros and cons though. Hard copies it is easier to underline, mark points, and write in the margins. Page numbers tend to match as well. However, hard copies can take up a large amount of room and be heavy. As a college student studying English, my book bag loses space quickly.

One thing I like about eBooks, or even online bibles, is that I can select a word I’m unsure about and see a definition and synonyms without having to carry secondary books or go find them.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love the feel of the bible in my hand. One of my earlier Church memories was sitting near my aunt as a child and handling her bible. The soft leather cover, the thinness of the pages and the crinkling noise they would make when turned, even the smell sticks out. I would never take my e-device bible into a church service with me though! Its convenient for study and personal use, but shouldn’t be used during service.


Why not? If our pastor is preaching from an iPad, what’s wrong with my reading the morning readings off my phone?


I probably could’ve worded that a little better. :slight_smile: I personally would not take my phone out and use the bible app on it during mass. I tend to get distracted easily and don’t want to wander off mentally and start doing something else on my phone.

Another reason is an old childhood habit. We had to drive 20 miles for church, so I had a car bag to entertain me on the ride - things like coloring books, a handhold game, etc. When we got to Church, those things stayed in the car and only my church things could go inside - my little bible, my offering money, and my quiet book.

For me, its more of a personal choice to leave my phone in my purse.


Gotcha. Different strokes for different folks – 'sawright.


I have discovered that I like my Kindle for recreational books and hard copy for technical books. The Bible is in the latter category. I highlight it, scribble notes and thoughts in it, curl the pages so I can view two separate pages at the same time, leave scraps of pages and holy cards in important places, discover what my most favorite places are by where it automatically opens to when I start flipping through it, use my fingers to hold multiple places when I am comparing verses.

E-books have not yet been able to duplicate all of the physicality of paper books. Plus, with a hard copy I don’t have to worry about battery life.


:blush: Yeah, I means **shared. **My bad…



I think they even have built-in translations too if you think English is too banal. Or is that the next version coming out?


I’m the same way, but I read the bible in both physical and electronic form. My physical copies are RSV-CE and NRSV-CE. My primary ebook bible is NAB-RE, but I’ve got the KJV, NIV, ESV and a bunch of other translations in e-book format.

When I have to go to my family church (Baptist) I carry my kindle so I can use the NAB-RE without attracting unwanted questions about why I use a Catholic Bible.

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