iPad iOS 9.3.5 safari does not show posts in threads

This is odd, when I use an ipad and click on a thread title, the comments do not appear. There is the thread title, and then there is the note at the end saying the thread will close 14 days after the last post.

I am surprised no one has mentioned it?

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Have you considered updating your software?

I’m on an IPhone 8 IOS 13.3.1 and everything is fine.

I’m curious too. Are you on an older iPad that can not accept updates any longer? 13.3.1 is the latest OS.

Have you done a reboot on the iPad recently…a complete power down and power back up?

While Discourse usually makes sure all older versions of their software are compatible, it doesn’t mean mistakes aren’t made. I hope the mods get back to you!


Oh, :flushed: it is quite old. I checked and it said I did not need to update the OS, so I thought I had the latest one!


I won’t say that IS the problem but it could be. It’s running an older version of Safari that may not be compatible.

Hopefully, a mod will check!

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