iPhone and following this forum

Hi everyone...

As with I'm sure many of you, I am sooooo busy with job, kids, and the house, I have a real challenge with keeping up with this forum.

Does anyone have any suggestions on particular apps that help you keep up with this forum? I wish CA had an app for us to use as its much easier to touch base using my iPhone then it is getting time to sit down with my laptop.

Anyhow... I was just curious what everyone did.


I have an Android phone so I'm not sure how the two compare. My phone has a web browser that works quite well for me to access the forums.

Yeah! I very much agree! I wish there was a CA forum app! I also do what you do, and catch up with the forums on my iphone (usually on the commute between work and home)! so good! :slight_smile:

Don't even need an app. I just wish this forum, and many others I frequented, would use a mobile forum format for portable devices. Sure, Safari on the iPhone handles the forums well, but a mobile version would take away all the unnecessary graphics and extras for a much more pleasant reading experience.

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