iPhone App for Remembering Prayer Intentions

Do you ever sit down to pray and struggle to remember everything that you wanted to pray for? Ever have a friend ask you to pray for something and then later forget? This was happening to me so I created an iPhone app to keep a list of my prayers.

I also wanted an easier way to share prayers with friends.
With this app you can “follow” friends and see prayers that they have shared with you. Prayers that have been shared show a count of the number of times they have been prayed for.

The app is called Prayer Intentions. Currently it is FREE but requires a Facebook account. Try it out and let me know any feedback you have. Thanks!

We need an app to remind us to go to confession for using iPhones and Facebook.

The use of iPhones and Facebook are not a sin and actually they can be used for good and for spreading the faith. I actually use an app to help me remember my sins when I go to confession: Confession app

That is a great idea as well as the one for confession. I use an iPhone, iPad and a laptop, the vast majority of my usage is related to my faith. I read and post on the CAF, there are many sites to read about the saints, I pray the rosary on-line, there are now editions of Living Faith for the Kindle, I have Thomas Merton’s Seven Storey Mountain on it too. Lots of healthy ways to enjoy our technology, so I hope that was a joke from PaulofIowa. God bless you.

I use a Kindle app to pray the rosary, and lately I’ve been using my Kindle to pray the rosary on youtube. Why? Because when I pray the Rosary I get drowsy. So when I listen to it, and follow along with an audio version, I can keep more alert. Plus, the youtube version has a wonderful section of artwork to go along with the Mysteries. I love it.

Why would you think it’s a sin to use smart phones and Facebook? Many Priests use Facebook and the Dioecese of Des Moines has a FB page as well. In addition, on my phone I have the Laudate App which has the daily readings, prayers, guide to the Rosary, expalining the new Mass changes, etc.

Perhaps the iPhone and Facebook obsessions are only venial sins. But don’t quote me on that!:smiley:

they come in handy at times

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