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Hey guys… I was playing with my iphone before bed last night and was searching for a liturgical calandar (for free) that I could use on it, or anything really … that was serving Catholics. I downloaded a bible on it a couple weeks back, but… I was so excited to see that a Roman Catholic Calandar. Also, a special Novena application that you can go thru in order to start a Novena for particular reasons.

The other one is called “Catholic”

And the third and most awesome one I found was Divine Mercy application which goes thru the entire Divine Mercy Chaplet and helps you to complete a DM Novena.

The Catholic one and the Divine Mercy one cost a dollar or so each, but I think they’re really worth it.

I was just wondering if anyone else has found any decent Catholic-orientated Iphone Applications.

It would be cool if there was a special Novena application for the Infant of Prague that set an alarm every hour to remind you of the 9-hr Novena …that would be awesome, I always forget and then the hour has passed and I’ve messed up the 9hr novena.

Ah well… I love my iPhone =)

No kidding! I’ve been doing the same thing for the past couple days (but on the iPod Touch, not the iPhone.)

Have you looked at “Universalis” yet?
Its pretty expensive but apparently its a good app.
It has what you said you’re looking for but it is about $30. Here is a link to their page in the iTunes store (if you havent already seen it):

If you would use it as much as you seem to want to, then it might be worth the 30 bucks.

Also, have you found the “Angelus” prayer app? It is by the same folks (EBSolutions) who did the divine mercy app. Also they have a holy rosary app that is better (in my opinion) than the other two rosary apps. Here is a link to their website (which has links to the itunes store apps):

Apparently apple has recently released the SDK software for free download so we can all make our own apps and put them in the appstore! Unfortunately it requires a Mac computer so I can’t use it, but I’m sure that more Catholic apps will slowly make their way into the iTunes store in the future.

The iPhone/iPod Touch has such awesome potential and I’m glad to see someone else using it for worship! I, myself, have put all of my Tim Staples, Scott Hahn and Great Adventure bible study CDs on it, along with a bunch of catholic audiobooks and such.

I’m deploying to the the middle-east in december and I plan on using this thing as a little religious retreat in my pocket! There are simply too many distractions at home for me to focus on relgious study so I figure I’ll have more luck if I’m in a tent in the middle of the desert (while off duty, of course.) :slight_smile:

Hey, we should use this thread to notify eachother of new catholic apps when we come across them.

I’ve seriously considered buying the Universalis app, but haven’t been willing to devote the $30+ for it yet. I currently use the RC Calendar (the free version of Universalis). It’s good to know that the SDK is out there. I’ll have to download that and get to work on a good Catholic app. I just don’t know what yet. Maybe an EWTN schedule or something. Any ideas?


Here is a link to the SDK dev page with LOTS of tutorial videos for free: developer.apple.com/iphone/

You have to “register as a dev” but that doesn’t mean anything official, and its free. Then you have access to all the videos and SDK software.
There are millions (ok, dozens) of ideas in the back of my head for a good catholic app. How about, illustrated stations of the cross with scripture and a prayer for each station?

Maybe a liturgy of the hours? (So we dont all have to spend $30 bucks on Universalis’ version!)

Oh, here’s something I’ve always wanted to do!: Present qoutes from the Early Church Fathers’ writings in reference to each of the Seven Sacraments.

Man! I’m going to have to buy a mac now!

Post back here and let us know if you plan on making anything in the future.

Thanks for the ideas. I may do the Stations for you. I won’t do the Liturgy, as the amount of work involved in that would be way too much, and Universalis has done such a fine job of it, I’d hate to repeat what they’ve already done. Besides, if I went through all that trouble, it’d probably cost you at least as much as they charge, anyway. :wink: I’ll take a look at the tutorials and see what I can come up with. Just don’t take this as a promise I’ll get it done soon (or at all, for that matter). I will try to get it done, but my schedule is rather full right now - you might have to wait a while.


Ooh, the stations are good. When I get my MAC (I am buying a Mac soon!!! yay!!!) I can start developing this stuff too. I haven’t got a spare $30-something to spend on Universalis, but I would like it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the heads up about the Angelus. :slight_smile:

I’d love to have an application for something like a Novena of the Infant of Prague … where it could remind you to pray each hour or something… that’d be cool but I wonder if you can actually get applications to work with the rest of the phone (such as alarming you to a time or something) … For instance, you couldnt use the facebook application in a way that would alert you if you have a new notification or something…


Well, I got the SDK downloaded now. I guess you can call that progress. :stuck_out_tongue: Silly program is 1.3GB! Now maybe one of these days I’ll actually have time to do something with it.


iPhone app of the week: i can has cheezburger. Seriously. It’s awesome.


I’ll have to check it out.

A full advent devotional app can be found at this link:
It looks awesome.

OK, I opened the 1st day of advent (yesterday) on my ipod touch, and its great!
a quick summary:
The opening screen is just like the old advent boards you might have gotten as kids with a piece of chocolate behind each day.
Upon clicking on day one I got a BEAUTIFUL picture of moses holding the ten commandments (or smashing the tablets of the law?). Scrolling down there was a whole day’s worth of devotional prayer, scripture, psalms all in order, sort of like a divine office specifically for advent. Also, there were instructions on what to do with your advent wreath and candles for that day etc etc.
I highly recommend this app.

Also, I broke down and bought the Universalis app (otherwise I’d have to bring hardcopy missals, liturgical calendar and divine office with me on my deployment).

I’ll tinker with it for a day or two and let you guys know how it is.

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Hey Guys,

When I have some more free time, I’ll be back to read the above posts! You can check out Catholic Tech Tips for reviews of various mobile apps.

God Bless,


You might want to check out my iPhone application called iConfess. It’s a handbook to Confession and Examination of Conscience. You can find out more about it here: blueinstinct.com/apps/BlueInstinct_Apps_-_iPhone_applications_and_software_development/iConfess.html

A demo of the application is also here: youtube.com/watch?v=FE0XYYE_NJs

Hope you all like it!

I have iBreviary which does not have the calendar, per se, but you can download the Liturgy of the Hours, Daily Readings (OF), and various prayers. It has been approved by the Vatican and it only costs 99 cents.

I download in English, but they do have the Latin if you want.


im an iphone user too and i have been doing the same thing.

This is what i use:

Roman Catholic Calander (you can tweek it to your countr etc)

Unversalis - great tool - pricey but good!

Rosary - this is a good wee application if your on a train etc

There are a few bibles on the application store but i can neer figure out which bible to use - any help?

Im a candidate and in scotland!

Two big whoots for apple on being multi-faith orietated

Grubbles, I would suggest the NAB Catholic Edition as it is the bible used in the Catholic Mass. To get it, download the free biblereader app here:

Once you have that app and have a wifi or 3G connection, go to the “catalog” in the app and purchase the NAB for Catholics. Its about 24 US dollars but it has footnotes and a great searching ability and includes the Deutero canon (7 OT books).

Another good one is the Douay-Rheims version:

Be sure to get that one rather than the $5.99 counterpart.

In other news. I’ve been back from the desert for a few weeks and want to officially say that Universalis is well worth the money. Having the liturgy of the hours with me out there was a blessing. I cannot recommend it enough.

I’ve just recently started programming iPhone Applications and have a few ideas for some good Catholic iPhone Apps. If there are any developers out there who are interested in working with me on some of these, I could use the help. =]

Also, if you have any ideas for Catholic iPhone Apps you wish were in existence, I’d love to hear them and try to implement them.

**iMissal **is a great little app for a mere $4.99. I use it all the time and have found it more helpful than Unversalis. It has all the readings plus the order of Mass and a sampling of Catholic prayers. I used it the other day to help our Sacristan find the reading for the Solemnity since it was not listed in the Lectionary under ordinary time. It could have been an interesting Mass if I hadn’t of been standing there with my iPhone. (I couldn’t resit saying “there’s an app for that!” but they all expect that from the youth minister :stuck_out_tongue: )

iRosary is a very beautiful app, however I don’t believe the older ladies at church believe I am praying if my phone is out :slight_smile: so it is really more fun for my kids to play with.


I too have felt some stares while kneeling in the pew with my phone in front of me! But its always a good back up if I forget my rosary in the car!
God Bless

I’ll echo that. The Universalis app is great. I’ve been using their web page occasionally, but the application is better. The cost is a little high, but that’s the same as what you’d pay for the one-volume Christian Prayer and you get the full Office of Readings and a nice reflection on the day and info about the Saints and the Mass readings. The translation is the Jerusalem Bible, however, so that might be a problem if you’re praying in a group that’s using a different translation.

Not really a Catholic App, but I downloaded ooTunes so I can listen to Catholic Radio when I’m out of town.

I also feel a little weird using my iPhone in Church when praying the offices, or reading the Bible, or the writings of the Saints. I’d never use it at Mass, but to sit in the Chapel on my own is OK, I guess. It just feels a little strange.

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