iPhone Applications

From Paul Camerata of the Saint Cast, “There’s an app for that”.




I want all of these asap when my iPhone arrives!

and to think I was lamenting the Palm Pre

keep the apps suggestions comming folks!

I eagerly await downloading!:smiley:

That is great!!! And my son said I was the only one who put “all the Catholic stuff” on my iphone. :thumbsup:

can someone tell me what the universalis does that th iMissel doesn’t?

I’m not fond of the new jerusalum bible version, but if I’m missing something major, I’d be interested to know it.

i have imissle, ibreviary, irosray and ipieta already

anyone have any other cool options?

I like the irosray, but I wish it pulled up the act of faith, hope, and charity. we say the act of those, then the hail mary for those 3 beads, but I know that’s not the norm.:wink:

hey might be TMI but I found an NFP app! it’s called Sympto! don’t know how accurate it is or whatever, but it sure looks like a great program!

I have a nice iPhone Application called “The Number Power”.
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The Universalis app is actually for the liturgy of the hours (aka Divine Office). Although it includes the mass readings, its main purpose is to provide a liturgical calendar of prayers and saint’s days. Example: you wake up in the morning, take a knee and open your Universalis app. You pray the introductory prayer/ morning prayer. Then at noon you pray the noon prayer, etc. The liturgy of the hours prayers seem to be mainly from the psalms. This is an ancient tradition. Its a normal aspect of daily life for clergy and religious, but its recommended by the church for all of us lay people too! On saint days the app has an explaination of the saint as well. And, of course, the calendar is nice.

If you’re interested in these things, you might consider Universalis. But its pricey! There are other apps that feature the liturgy office such as “iBreviary” and “DivineOffice” and are cheaper. The big difference is that with Universalis you get it all on your phone. No downloading each day’s liturgy. Its all there (thats why its expensive) whereas with the other apps you have to worry about having a good connection and downloading the day’s liturgy every day. You can go into the calendar, which is better than iMissal’s calendar, and see what the mass readings and feast days will be for any day of the year, next week or last week, doesn’t matter, because its all there.

The other difference is, of course, the translation. I don’t like the New Jerusalem, but here’s the thing: I only care about bible translations when I’m reading/studying. I don’t really care too much about the translation when I’m simply praying the psalms in the liturgy of the hours, because its the prayers that matter, not the translation.

Also, I’ve tried all the rosary apps and in my humble opinion Art Image Rosary is by far the best. Holy Rosary by EBSolutions is a close second.

I’ve got about 24 Catholic apps and a dozen or so general Christian apps and I’ve recently decided I’m going to make a website reviewing each of them. I’ll post it here when/if it gets up and running.

I’ve been reading your blog and you have a beautiful family. My fiancée and I hope to home school a big family someday soon so we will keep an eye on your blog.

God Bless

Here is a good video review of Universalis:

I just posted a new iPhone application that has the complete Catechism of the Catholic Church in a searchable, tag-gable software. Hope this helps you all: iCatechism via iTunes store - itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=322679577&mt=8

Outstanding application. I’ve been hoping for the catechism on my iPhone for some time. I like the interface and the navigation. I especially like being able to bookmark articles for later. The ability to bookmark makes this a great tool for apologetics because now I dont have to carry a Catechism around. I can jump right to the catechism’s teaching on any given doctrine without having to go looking for it.

Thanks for bringing us this great app and thanks for making it so affordable. You could easily charge $20 or $30 for this.

iPieta is great. I’m a convert and I used to joke that all you cradle Catholics are born with the prayer book that the rest of us have memorize. BY GOLLY I have all the prayers- novenas - consecrations and so on. PLUS iPieta comes with the Baltimore catechism, the saints, the imitiation of Christ, The Louis de Monfort total consecration and lot more. Look under the 3 dots that say more and under Veritas. The only thing I don’t like about it is the version of the Bible (yes it has that too) it uses. It calls Noah Noe and Shem Sem. Never seen those spellings. That’s why I did the search and found this thread–was to find a better version of the Bible. But for $4.99 WOW.


Hopefully we’ll have an RSV catholic edition on itunes someday. Maybe I’ll email olivetree about it because if there’s one place I want the RSV, its in their Bible Reader app.

Also, anyone see the price for the Scott Hahn Catholic Bible Dictionary app? $54??? Crazy,

Speak of the devil! As of two days ago there is an RSV-CE app from Versewise (the makers of the douey-rheims app) and an RSV with Deutero-canon on BibleReader as well. Great stuff!

Olive Tree is great. My two favorite versions are right there: Douay-Rheims and Latin Vulgate :smiley:

As of today Universalis has Mass Readings from the NAB which is great for those of us who do not like the New Jerusalem. Update is on iTunes, of course.

Has anyone tried the Mantis Bible Study app? It seems like a competitor with BibleReader and from the tutorial videos it looks like it might be better… Please post here if you have experience with it.

I just put this on my Ipod this morning - thank you!!! I’ve been waiting for this. The only thing I would ask if you could give us a choice in font size. Other than- fantastic!


I love iPieta as well. To have so much in just one app - so many prayers, books by the saints, the entire Bible, the Mass readings for each day - God bless the makers of this one. The reason for the spellings in the Bible is it is the Douay-Rheims version. So it’s nothing to do with the App itself, but with the Bible. I personally love this version.

Appsessions has put together several books for only 99 cents each that you can read and/or listen to, such as “Imitation of Christ”, “In the Garden” (book of saints), “In the Presence of God” (Brother Lawrence) “The Enchiridion of Augustine” and others. The scrolling doesn’t work too well with 3.0. You can either listen to it, or turn off the voice and just read it with 3.0, but hopefully they will fix that.

I also have iConfess, which is very good. And Recordatio is very good - it is all Papal encyclicals for the last 50 years, including the latest by Pope Benedict XVI. It also includes the Rosary and other prayers.

Just search for “Catholic” on the Apps, and you’ll be amazed at what you find. Recently, though, the search for “Catholic” turns up a lot of garbage as well, such as “Coed Spring Break”, but just ignore the garbage, and you’ll find some gems.

One other thing- I would suggest the Amazon Kindle app. It’s free, and you can buy books and download them right to your Iphone/Ipod, just like on the Kindle. Some books are even free or very low price - $1 or $2.

In some ways, I carry an entire Catholic library with me wherever I go!


The Didache is another good one by appsessions. Its an ancient document of Christian teachings from around 70AD. ITs a great tool for arguing with fundamentalists because its the earliest Church document (probably) in existance and it sounds pleasantly Catholic.

It is indeed odd how a search for “rosary” will bring up things like “Naughty Nurses” and “Swimsuit Babes.”

I agree. Lots of great Catholic titles on Amazon kindle and it takes about 10 seconds to download them. You don’t even need 3G to do it. I downloaded a few in backwoods tennessee a few weeks ago with an edge connection. Got plenty of titles from Scott Hahn. And old classics like saint’s writings are usually a matter of a buck or two.

If you really want a catholic library in your pocket here are two good ideas:
Download an app called Readle docs (there are other apps that do the same thing) and do a google seach for Catholic e-books. There are hundreds of classic writings of the saints and church fathers and chesterton, etc, etc. Download them, put them on your document application (ReadleDocs, on second thought, is old. There might be a better one now.) and “boom!” you’ve got a Catholic library.

The second idea is to get an app called “instapaper.” With this, you can save any webpage on your iphone via safari and it will be converted in the app to a readable, scrollable, font-adjustable text document similar in format to kindle.

Everyone needs to go to pope2you.net/ and get the vatican’s iPhone app. It gives daily updates on vatican news/Pope’s business that can be read or (via wifi) listened to or viewed. Hopefully they’ll make the short 2 minutes snippets available via 3G soon. The app is called H20news if you want to get it straight from the itunes store.

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