ipieta app

I recently downloaded this app at first it seemed wonderful
Full of prayers and historical writings then I discovered
Something that really disturbed me and I deleted the app
It contains documents from a website called catholic-saints.net which after
Viewimg the website it was made clear that it was website
That rejects Vatican II and very hostile to Rome
After finding this out I decited to delete the app d ue to the
Link it has to the website. I figured i would post this here to give
Others a heads up about this apps link to the website

I’ve been using this app for a while. I haven’t seen anything contrary to the Church, but I haven’t seen every single thing on the app, either. Where did you find these things?

I was reading The revelations of saint bridget
And the link to the website appears at the bottom on the chapters

Im not sure if it appears else where .Im pretty sure I seen it in
Other parts of the app also

Disregard this thead I contacted them via email and
Was informed that the link had to unfortunity be used
inorder for them to use the text in the app …I sent them a link to another
Site that contains the Text So hopfully this is help for them
Once agian Please Disregard This thread
.I will be re downloading the app

I find this app useful for the prayers. I don’t use it that often but when I do it’s mostly for the Litanies and lately for the Angelus which I’ve been attempting to work into my day.

Great to know - thanks for looking into this! :slight_smile:

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