Ipod apologetics

Just got an ipod for an early fathers day gift. Are there any good apologetic apps that anyone knows of?

I don’t know any “apps” but you can download MP3 episodes of Catholic Answers Live, or John Martignoni’s apologetics, Peter Kreeft, Sonitus Sanctus has search features and tons of stuff, Catholic Forum, etc… :o

I also enjoy the podcasts from the iPadre, Catholic Under the Hood (from a Franciscan friar), the Word on Fire, I think Catholic Radio International sponsors Light of the East about the Byzantine Catholic churches and also the same priest does a series on the Theology of the Body.

There’s enough there to keep you busy for a long time.


You can download an iPod full of .mp3 Apologetics from my website (yes, for free):

alabamacatholicresources.com :slight_smile:

great thanks guys!

My favorite lecturuer is Peter Kreeft, a professor of philosophy and theology at Boston College.


ewtn.com/podcast/index.asp has quite a selection of MP3 downloads.

This, added to what the other posters have offered, will give you more than enough to choose from.


Happy Father’s Day (belated).

If it’s an iPod Touch, there are several nice apps to have. Go to the app store on your iPod and search for ‘catholic’. I use iMissal and have an RSV bible. The Mass Times app is nice if you travel.


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