iPod car adaptors?

Hey all, I was interested in finding something that can link my iPod to the car stereo while I’m driving, so I can listen to the music on my iPod while I drive. On the Apple.com store, the closest thing I could find was a “radio remote”; I got the impression that this was if you wanted to listen to FM radio on your iPod.

I know a friend of mine has a cord that plugs her iPod into the car’s tape player, but my car doesn’t have a tape player! However, something similar to that is what I’m looking for.

Anyway, any help would be terrific. If anyone out there has one, where did you get it? (Somewhere like Circuit City or Best Buy?) Thanks in advance! :thumbsup:

One at walmart made by belkin. works over radio. dont settle for cheap.
Its about 90.

Even cheap works. It’s a small transmitter which you can set to any frequency on your FM radion. It plugs into the IPOD from the cigarette lighter outlet. Works pretty good under most situations. Not expensive. Check it out.

Cheap doesn’t work so well if you’re in a highly populated area wtih tons of radio stations. In the greater Boston area I have a tough time getting rid of all of the static when trying to listen to music. However, when driving to CT, there’s areas with few stations and it works well.

From what I can see, the more expensive ones have a stronger signal and can overcome the static and bleed-through from actual stations.

There are many brands and styles of the FM transmitters for iPods (and other MP3 players too).

About the only big thing to think about is whether the particular transmitter is going to fit nicely into wherever the power jack in your car is located. My husband bought one for me and it interferes with the shifter if I try to plug it into the cigarette lighter on the dashboard. Fortunately I have a second one in my center console and it fits there.

You do want to make sure you can change FM channels. Where I live in southern California there are practically no open frequencies. And when you think you’ve found an unused one you only have a drive a few miles to move into the range of some new FM radio station.

Only go with an FM adapter if you have absolutely no other option. I couldn’t stand it. I actually decided to buy a new car stereo with an iPod adapter. That allows me to have the adapter cable come in to the glove box. I just connect my iPod and throw it in. I can control everything from the faceplate of the car stereo.

If you don’t want to spend that much money (roughly $300 give or take) you could get a new car stereo that has a USB jack on it. Then, you could plug your iPod into your stereo using the same cable you sync your iPod with to your computer. I believe you still have to use the iPod’s controls though for playlist/track control.

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