iPod Touch and iPhone

Great news for all Catholic Radio fans! If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can download the Sirius/XM App for free. You can get a free seven day trial, PLUS EWTN and The Catholic Channel are available on both Sirius and XM. More details if you download the app.

I have an iPod Touch and listen on wireless. It’s great, and I love the rest of the lineup.

I just got off the phone with Sirius. It was confusing as to what the cost was after the seven day free trial.

The great news is that if you already subscribe to Sirius (as most of us Catholic Channel fans do) the service is free! :dancing:

Well, I take that back. Contrary to what the nice Customer Service lady told me, it is only free, or even available, if you are a Premium online subsriber. That’s an additional $2.99/mo on top of your Sirius subscription. :frowning:

As long as your are a regular Sirius subscriber you can get it and use it. I’m not a Premium online subscriber, and I downloaded it and it has worked fine. you just have to have a free online account and be a Sirius radio subscriber with a regular account. i.e. you must already be subscribed to the Satellite radio but not the Premium online subscription.

Also, if you have an online account and subscribe to Sirius you can listen online without having the premium subscription.

**Mass Times **is an app that gets you church locations & mass times throughout the USA. It may work in other countries(?).

IConfess takes you through the process; really nice if you haven’t been there lately.

I’m still looking for a comprhensive list of all Catholic Apps, including a Catholic bible.

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