IPPF declaration= sexual rights

I am hoping I am in the right forum for this and I appoligise if I am not.

I found this today while I was researching and I wanted to get some of your ideas, and thoughts on it as well.


It seems to me as if all of this is already being implemented.

Please explain what the link is about. I do not want to open it- my computer doesn’t handle PDF’s well.

I am not sure how to discribe it… I guess the best way is to say instead of the declaration of independance its like the declaration of sexual freedom including the right to force a doctor to perform an abortion against his wishes because then that would be violating the womans wish to abort.

Article 5
Right to personal a utonomy and recognition
before the law
All persons have the right to be recognized before the
law and to sexual freedom, which encompasses the
opportunity for individuals to have control and decide
freely on matters related to sexuality, to choose their sexual
partners, to seek to experience their full sexual potential
and pleasure, within a framework of non discrimination
and with due regard to the rights of others and to the
evolving capacity of children.

I noticed the sentance “evolving capacit of the children”. I was a little confused so I went to the U.N for what it meant because this is the complete document that IPPF sent to the U.N for implimintation.

Basicaly what it says is that a childs maturity is not based on age only on verbal understanding so if your 15 year old decides to have multiple sex partners then by law you can not stop her as that would be violating her “sexual” rights. In the language of that aritcle it does not put a line on age so it could be a 12 year old that fits the criteria.

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