IRA and Potential Investment Opportunity


The government has named a new national security threat the IRA (Internet Research Agency), which is a supposed Russian Company that spreads misinformation on the internet. Of course, the company probably has a Russian name but US government has given it an English equivalent called IRA.

It appears that the Russians, frustrated with the U.S. and allies’ complete control of internet communications, have created an arm to disrupt our government’s future plans to use the internet for it’s own gain.

The Senate is having hearings to figure out how to slay the Russian Internet Dragon which will amount to increased spend on virtual weaponry. And, which will probably result in government contracts being issued to private industry.

So, boom!!! It’s time to invest in those sectors that go after the ‘bad guys’.

P.S. the Senate is not discussing whether the U.S. and allies conduct similar misinformation campaigns against Russians. Neither are they discussing similar US campaigns against US citizens; all in the name of national security.



Very unfortunate acronym


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