IRA Bomber: Victims and God Helped Me See Sense


A leading bomber for the rebel Irish group, the Irish Republican Army, he once sent a bomb in a Bible to a bishop who worked as a chaplain for the British army. But with years of studying the Bible and writing to churchmen in the isolation of his prison cell, he saw he had been wrong. “Many say to me your crimes and your sins are too great and you shouldn’t be associating yourself with the Catholic Church.” In prison, he sought forgiveness from those he had hurt. Half of his victims wrote back, saying they were grateful for his apology.


Interesting. It is good that he repented. Also it is important to leave the Irish Republican Army. The aims of the IRA sicken me. They are NOT Catholics like they claim to be. They are a socialist terrorist group, who go around waving that ghastly flag of Irish socialism, with the blue background and white stars in the shape of a plough. And then they claim to be a Catholic group. Funny how 52% of Catholics living in Northern Ireland are actually unionists now rather than republicans. the IRA - Catholic republican freedom-fighters, or atheistic communists? The latter, for sure.


I am happy that he repented of his sinful actions.


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