Iran arrests suspects after acid attacks on women in Isfahan

Iran arrests suspects after acid attacks on women in Isfahan**

(Reuters) - Iran has arrested a number of people suspected of throwing acid at women deemed to be wearing Islamic headcovering improperly, authorities said on Monday, following a series of attacks in Isfahan that have caused widespread anger.

Morteza Mir Bagheri, deputy interior minister for social affairs, said “three or four” suspects were held in connection with the incidents in Iran’s third largest city, which have been condemned by religious clerics as well as ordinary people.

Obviously, this does not reflect the whole society and is frowned on in Iran and will be prosecuted. Nonetheless, one hears about this happening from time to time. It’s likely a very miniscule portion of people who might do such a heinous

Ashtari was reported as saying he suspected that the culprits were likely to be “mentally unstable”.

Iran has some very strict laws that they carry out. I wonder if one could escape the more serious punishments by using the defense that they were not sane at the time??

This was a news story previous to these arrests. So we will see how this develops.

Such an evil act to throw acid in someone’s face.

Things will continue this horrrible path until our government becomes involved ;actual involvovement God has been taken out of the “equation” God Has been taken away from all that matters. We are in dangerous times.Faith is weak.

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