Iran 'backs US military contacts' to fight Islamic State


From the World Service of the BBC

Iran’s Supreme Leader has approved co-operation with the US as part of the fight against Islamic State (IS) in Iraq, sources have told BBC Persian.

Ayatollah Khamenei has authorised his top commander to co-ordinate military operations with the US, Iraqi and Kurdish forces, sources in Tehran say.

Iran has traditionally opposed US involvement in Iraq, an Iranian ally.

However, Shia Iran sees the extremist Sunni IS group, which views Shias as heretics, as a serious threat.


I have heard that Iran has already been sending special forces to fight against Isis, how its working internally I have no idea. Very quiet from the usual rhetoric.

The hope, further, is that moderate muslims who are being persecuted will continue to speak out against the obvious corruptions of the Quran with Isis. Its a humanitarian crisis and a grave dis-service to Islam and mankind imho. In a word, its “sickening”. If “anything” good should arise out of Isis, its the “unity” of like thinking which will defeat it and will continue to gain favor, imho.


I think that is a good thing as long as we don’t supply them with our advanced field and air weapons.



And additional sanctions were just put on Iran so this is an interesting turn of events.


One hopes this administration won’t rise to this bait. The hatred and fear Sunni Arabs have for Iran makes the hatred and distrust many have for the west look like a misunderstanding at a garden party.



Seems like we’ve been supporting “democracy” but to often the bad guys win through fraud corruption and intimidation… then we end up supporting the bad guys that were “elected”. (eg the Muslim Brotherhood" and many others).

What this administration fails to understand more so than previous administrations is that the goal is not democracy. It is the national intersests of the United States AND stability… i.e. peace.

Spreading the “good news” of the America dream / manifest destiny (is not about one thing like democratic governments). The spread of the Western Civilization ideals is about critical mass. We have, lately and often, abandoned the westernized portions of many countries. As a result they have either moved, perished or been lost (converted). We want their hearts and souls. We can get their governments later. It’s a process. We seem so upside down on so many issues. Take Syria for example or even going back to the Shaw and Sadat in Egypt. The Westernization (i.e. progress, education, culture) of the “former third world” is not a bad thing and we should not feel guilty about it. It’s the best thing that ever happened to them and we should continue it, support it, encourage it and reward it…


  1. National Security
  2. Peace and Stability
  3. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
    (Freedom of Religion, Press, Due Process, etc)

If that requires the “temporary” existence of cooperative dictators or authoritarian regimes, so be it… there are tradeoffs.

It seems we’ve lost our sense of priorities… common sense…

Of course there are tradeoffs… duh… there always are… duh squared…


Iranian influence with the Shia Iraqi government is one of the reasons that ISIL has been able to have the success in Iraq that it has. Sunnis in Iraq have been disregarded as the Iraqi Shia government slid more and more into the Iranian sphere of influence. Whereas American troops made great inroads into Sunni Iraq during the Surge, and paid for Sunni cooperation against El Quada groups, once America left, any payments for cooperation dried up.

ISIL took advantage of that snub to work themselves into the Sunni network in Iraq.

America cooperating with Iran, thereby increasing Iranian influence, will likely only exasperate the roots of the problem. Increasing Shia power will only make the Sunnis fight all that much harder, for they are already in a position where they have nothing to lose.


Salafist fanatics were suicide bombing Shias and Christians in Iraq long before the country got it’s first post occupation government. These arguments that fear of Iran made them do it are as ridiculous as some explanations for juvenile deliquency in this country.


I would say that there really isn’t such thing as a “moderate muslim” as this kind of indicates that there is some kind of intrinsic problem with this great abrahamic faith.

I would say that there are terrorists who warp Islam- as you indicate- and the majority of muslims who are fine and moral people.

The problem is terrorism and violence- not Islam.

Now regarding the OP directly. I have great suspicion involving any action of Iran as they have shown themselves- especially under their current Government to be fairly corrupt and abusive of human right. I suppose that if they can actually do something to help the situation with ISIL- meaning wiping them off the face of the Earth- that is a good thing.


If anyone was arguing that fear of Iran made them do it, then you would be making your an argument against somebody.

Sunni Iraqis were the ones giving support to el quada, until the Surge and General Petraus enlisted them to turn against El quada and show American troops who the targets werre. That took money and that took good will.

When American troops left, the money and the good will towards Sunnis dried up.
Now, unsurprisingly, Sunnis are giving material support to ISIL, who are basically from the same Islamist ideology as the Salafis, the el quadas, the Muslim Brotherhoods, the the diverse terrorist groups of Islam.

Iran is not interested in Iraq becoming a pluralistic nation. It is interested in Shia dominance. What is ridiculous is to think that cooperating with Iran to bring about change will in fact change anything.


There is a problem with the Abrahamic faith being lauded as ‘great’. It is not Christian.

As such, we ought to tolerate it like any other world faith tradition, and even cooperate with those who are moderate and share our goals of degrading, destroying, deligitimizing, the Islamists, to the extent that there are moderates willing to do so.

That is what makes the designation ‘moderate Muslim’ so necessary. It helps distinguish those who share our liberal values and our desire to destroy the Islamists from those Muslims who do not.


There are essays by Catholic Answers on comparing the faiths, the differences.


I know the differences.
I don’t need to read more on what I already know.

Thanks anyway.


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