Iran gives Christians 80 lashes for communion wine



No surprise at all.

What is at least a little bit surprising is Obama’s eagerness to give Iran a sphere of influence all the way to the Mediterranean.




Actually, IIRC they might be able to bring suit for this under their law legally. They guarrantee legally the right of Christians and Jews to among other things, use alcohol for their religious services. Of course, just because something is guarranteed by law does not guarrantee it in practice, but I am aware of cases where they have been let go because they are a recognized religious minority.


Your credibility :rolleyes:


Your literacy skills:D

Fauxnews : Four Iranian Christians were reportedly sentenced to 80 lashes for drinking wine for communion, a shocking punishment meted out even as a new United Nations report blasted the Islamic republic for its systematic persecution of non-Muslims

Nowhere in the Fauxness report does it confirm that the court sentence has been carried out.


If your beef is with the carrying out of the sentence, then perhaps you can use your all word literacy skills and type a coherent answer, rather than being glib and typing sophomoric cliches that were popular around the time John Kerry was the Democratic nominee for President like Faux News?


The report you linked makes no reference to the court sentence being carried out.

You should take this issue up with Fauxnews.


I’ll check it out, once I am done scrolling through

I am only on page 3 of 174,366.


In your own time.

I doubt that the court sentence will be carried out.
Try telling that to the folks at Fauxnews though:rolleyes:


Not sure what your point is…the phrase “reportedly sentenced” is in the first sentence of the article.

Other news sources use the term “reportedly,” such as CNN:“Mexico cartel figure reportedly killed…” (, and NBC: “CNN reportedly in talks to buy Mashable” (

The major point of the article is the persecution of Christians, and their being forced to worship in secret for fear of personal safety. Is that okay with you?


“reportedly sentenced” means what?
I don’t know what “reportedly sentenced” means.

And with regard to the thread title, it is wholly misleading to suggest that Iran gives Christians 80 lashes on the basis of “reportedly sentenced”.


Who cares what news station it is? The point is that Christians are persecuted. Are you okay with that?

You think this is the only report on these abuses?:rolleyes:


Catholics and Christians are persecuted throughout the world. Unfortunately.


Liberal troll


It could mean that the reporter was able to confirm information only about the sentence itself, or the lashings did take place and there aren’t pictures or no one is willing to talk about it, or the people who do have information don’t want to discuss it for fear of being victimized. It seems you would prefer the title to be “Iran threatens 80 lashes…” … but how would that make the actions of the Iranians responsible for this any less reprehensible?

“…wholly misleading…”? Hmm–information could probably be deemed “wholly misleading” if there were no corroborating evidence. Christians are jailed and are in hiding; it’s a place that is hostile to Christians. With such hostility, we shouldn’t be surprised that cruelty is being manifested in a variety of forms.


Have Mercy on us and on the whole world.


Yes, so it shouldn’t matter who is reporting it. I’m just glad it’s being reported period.


This should be reported more often and we should be more attentive of our Christian brothers and sisters.


I hate to say this----but please be a tad more reserved when posting here.

I totally disagree with Euwe but one has to be gracious here. This is not a Yahoo posting site.

Just saying.

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