Iran holds US boats and sailors



Praying for the safety, well being & return of the crew.


Sounds like they wandered or drifted into Iranian territory. Looks like its sorted out and they will be able to continue on their way in the morning.


let’s pray that is true! :gopray::gopray2:


Not just yet! Some state of the union. Shameful.


Before this gets too out of hand here and Obama is blamed or a theory comes about that Iran somehow timed this for the day of the President’s SOTU address, Secretary of Defense John Kerry “made the case very strongly” to Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, that the incident stemmed from an unexpected mechanical problem and drifted into Iranian waters and the sailors are expected to be released.



The ayatollahs are yanking our chain because they know they can get away with it. And the world is watching.



And the President chirped tonight about how much safer he’s made us (Americans) per Iran. :dts:

He gave that regime billions and on the same day he celebrated his administration’s “accomplishments” in supposedly having Iran promise not to build nuclear weapons …
Iran breaks out in “Death to America” rallies.

Still the administration’s rhetoric is that “we” are more respected throughout the world (than the U.S. under the Bush Administration).


Iran is already breaking the deal, because there is nothing that any one is going to do about it. That is the kind of leader that the free world has in Obama.


Iran media says captured U.S. naval crew members have been released

Iran’s Fars News Agency is reporting that Iran has freed the U.S. crew members from two American naval vessels that had strayed into Iranian waters, prompting their seizure and detention by Iranian coastal forces.

Fars quoted a statement by the “Islamic Revolution Guard Corps” saying Iran “has released the U.S. marines and their vessels in international waters’ after its investigations showed that they had gone astray during their voyage in the Persian Gulf. In its statement, the IRGC pointed out that its investigations show that the U.S. combat vessels illegal entry into Iranian water was not the result of a purposeful act,” Fars said.

There was no immediate comment or verification from U.S. officials. But they had said Tuesday that they expected a release of the ten crew members Wednesday morning.


Glad they have been released.


My thoughts exactly, least he admitted to being a divisive President and he is. Nevertheless the Marines released appears to be accurate. At least the NC Rep believes All Lives Matter. Great speech by her. :thumbsup:


Compared to Obama, Neville Chamberlain would be called the Iron Appeaser.:frowning:


At this point in time, we must still play the role of the global ‘bar bouncer’ or ‘policeman’. We are the only super power left among thriving democracies. Being ‘feared’ is more important than being ‘respected’


If a policeman is more feared than respected he is a bully and not a policeman.


Your analogy is terrible, and you should feel ashamed for perpetuating it.

Obama managed to have Bin Laden killed. Did Chamberlain kill Hitler?


Note that the naval personnel were released within a day, with just a brief exchange of words.

Reagan sold the Iranians scores of munitions under the table to facilitate the release of American hostages in Lebanon. Said hostages were released in 1992.

Ergo, Obama’s methods of dealing with Iran are more effective than Reagan’s methods.


There is much more to this story and it will be a fight to get it out of the Obama admin and the John Kerry crew! This is downright intolerable - wait till we learn the apology and don’t forget to watch all the money be withdrawn from the bank for Iran. The Kerry deal was extrordinarily difficult he says. I think he’s got some news coming - we ain’t seen nuthin yet.

How did the GPS coordinates get hi-jacked? Were we first told that the boats (all two of them) ran out of gas and were drifting? Did Iran release our boats with all equipment?
Do we have a purpose for being in the Persian Gulf waters or do we bow to Iran? Watch the film of the Navy crews being under duress with their arms above their heads - how the heck did we let this happen? Do we not have aircraft capable of flying to their aid with the ability to deny this attack? Do we have a Defense Department? Do we just continue to apologize for “our bad” again and sweeten the pot with more money.

Our priorities are supposed to be directed toward the distant pie in the sky of a peaceful, non nuclear mid east. Somehow Obama does not get it; we don’t get to tomorrow until we get through today!

Eleven more months…:bigyikes:


This entire debacle was more than likely instigated by hard-liners in the Iranian regime, ultimately answerable to the Supreme Leader Khamenei, to try and discredit President Rouhani in the week leading up to the lifting of nuclear-related sanctions by the West.

Mercifully, the cordial relations built up between Kerry and his Iranian counterpart Zarif have led to this episode being patched up in a remarkable 24 hours. When you consider that it took 12 days for the regime under the Ahmadinejad government to release British navy personnel years ago, the swiftness and efficacy of this release are rather impressive.

It gives me optimism.


Going with the bouncer analogy, good ones keep the peace and thus prevent fights, they aren’t bullies. Bullies are akin to dictators that ignore the rule of law.

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