Iran Planted mines in Persian Gulf

I saw this in the news tonight:

The Iranians have been planting mines in the Persian Gulf in preparation for war. According to intelligence reports from the region, the U.S. is preparing to deploy at least one additional strike carrier group to the region some time around mid September.

This mine planting and staging for war, hopefully is only a “pressure” for Israel to release lands on the eastern side of Jerusalem. Talks have been underway between the PA and Israel to square things that resulted from the 1967 war. Israel was able to secure a good portion of eastern Jerusalem during that war, including the Temple Mount. There have been strong desires by certain Jewish people to rebuild a temple on this Mount. This has totally ticked people of Islam off.
Just a while ago, people in Israel were trying to repair…I said, repair…a ramp, and the Arabs went crazy because they thought the temple foundation was going in. Their hate for Jewish culture has become just irrational. To them the Temple Mount land is the third holiest place of Islam. (To me it isn’t too holy if all they do is hate there.)
So since 1967, 244,000 or so illegal immigrant Arabs have squatted on property on the eastern side of Jerusalem. The Arabs absolutely want that land that they have squatted on.
The recent talks have included the giving up of this land.
However, the Israel leader is in a catch. Public opinion doesn’t want him to concede that land. Plus, the whole deal, not just the land in Jerusalem, will cut and dice the Israel country almost in two.

Israel is in a total bind.

VP Cheney is just over in the satellites countries of the old Russia telling them to hold fast. It may be that Russia who is loosely allying themselves with Iran and selling anit aircraft system to them, may take the opportunity to reclaim these old satellite regions.

And Russia just popped off a missile launch to show-puff how great they are. This experiment is probably very capable of knocking out the Polish shield the US/Poland put up to protect the region.

People…here on this forum…our prayers are needed.
It doesn’t look at all very good.

That’s a little out of date… that happened in 1988 :o

Do you have a link?

Hal Lindsey commentary on the Middle East

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