Iran sentences American to death in spy case

Tehran, Iran (CNN) – Iran has sentenced an American ex-Marine to death for espionage.

So this is the thanks we get for rescuing Iranians from pirates last week?

Or are they just hoping we will pay them off to get him back like we did with the “hikers”.

While having zero belief in Iranian “justice”, the following is certainly bizarre:

"Fars also reported that Hekmati told a judge he worked for the CIA and that he was to be paid for delivering information to Iran’s Intelligence Ministry.

He was supposed to give his information to the Iranians in two parts – the first part for free, and if they liked it, he would ask for $500,000 for the second part, the news agency said.

Hekmati said he was to get a receipt from the ministry for the money, Fars reported. The judge speculated whether the receipt would later be used as evidence linking Iran to terrorist activities, the news agency said.

If Iran had paid, Hekmati told the judge, he would have kept the money and lived in Iran, according to Fars."

He still has an appeal, so this may just be saber rattling. And if he is a Spy I can’t really say that we would treat such a person tremendously better here.

It might only be that his friends and relatives have not yet come up with sufficient money to bribe that hopelessly corrupt regime. We have seen that work before.

The Iranian government is one of the least corrupt regimes in the middle east. They had questionable Presidential elections sure, but American politicians use questionable practices like Superpacs for elections all the time. Sure they may be more corrupt than our government, but when it comes down to things like local elected officials and judges things are relatively fair for Iranian citizens. It is actually a pretty well developed country and its economy is growing better than the majority of western countries right now despite the economic sanctions placed on it.

They aren’t perfect, but the Iranian people have come a long way and are slowly building their country into something to be proud of.

I’m just wondering why he went to Iran in the first place. Aren’t all US citizens who go to Iran vulnerable?

He was from Iran. Visiting his mother. He also may or may not have been attempting to spy on Iran.

I wonder how Ron Paul will spin this? After all Iran is just one of the guys!!!

Well if he turns out to be a spy Paul will just say that we shouldn’t be sending spies in the first place.

Otherwise I don’t know.

Hi ,

I am more inclined to support Iranian View. David Headley… Does that name ring a bell ?

Isn’t it more reasonable to assume that US has more reason to have spy in Iran and more likely to put a spy in their block?


Yes, I seem to have read somewhere they aren’t, on the whole, nearly as ridden with corruption as places like Saudi Arabia, or Egypt. Turkey is supposed to be one of the worst.

There are many such people who DO spy on Iran. I good book on the topic is A Time To Betray, by Reza Kahlili (not the author’s real name).

No one outside our government knows for sure, but it’s said that the Iranian government and even the Revolutionary Guards are rotten with pro-western spies and saboteurs. Perhaps a lot of the nuclear posturing is an effort to convince their own people it’s ultimately unproductive to work against their government. I think a LOT of them aren’t buying it, though.

I honestly don’t know the truth in this case, and I don’t think anyone who isn’t directly involved does. I do know enough to believe with absolute certainty that we do have spies in Iran, and that this is the kind of set up we would use to infiltrate Iran.

This doesn’t mean I think this guy certainly is a spy, but the story doesn’t immediately fail the “smell test”. We spy on Iran using ex-pats, and sometimes they will get caught. This could easily be just such a sad situation.

Peace and God bless!

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