Iran threatens to turn Saudi Arabia into hell


Iranian leaders threatened “to turn Saudi Arabia into hell,” over the last few days in response to a decision by a Saudi court to sentence the Shi’ite cleric Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr to death. A day later Iran carried out a wave of arrests against Sunni clerics.


Wow I have never seen Muslim countries talk about each other like this.


Let’s see, we are in WWIII now, so I guess that will be WWIV. I say we rescure all the Christians and let the Imams, Mullahs, and other assorted fanatics have at it.:smiley:



Persian vs. Arab and Shia vs. Sunni. That’s not even getting into the recent history between the two countries.


You mean it’s not already?


On top of that there’s also

1.Almost daily suicide bombings in Baghdad now directed at the Shia.
2.Conflict in Yemen between Shia Houthi tribesmen and Al-Qaeda and there supporters is escalating.
3.According to some news reports Sunni extremists are planning to attack the Shia commemoration of Ashura in Lebanon on Oct 26.
4.French intelligence reports that Sunni extremists are planning a wide range attack on Northern Lebanon from Syria.


Good reasons for the USA to stay out of the Middle East. Let them fight among themselves.
Many Americans cannot afford to send their children to private Catholic schools and colleges. Why spend trillions of American dollars in the Mideast where there is no end in sight to the religious conflicts there. Americans have already created instability and made things worse by overthrowing Saddam Hussein. How many hundreds of billions of dollars have already been spent and with the result that they hate Americans and blame America for their problems.
Better for America to stay out of a fight that no one can win.


So is what we are seeing in the middle east is sunni vs. shia and persian vs. arab? This could take sometime. So we are supposed to let this play out and hope Russia does not get involved
somehow? Are we witnessing the remake of the middle east and hope Israel will still be there when this is over?


It’s more of a case of Salafists vs Shias, moderate Sunnis, and Christians.


It is for Christians yet the Saudi’s are lucky in the sense they do not suffer the evils of the Shiite sectarian death squads seen in Iraq.


One word - Oil. Your economy and the world economy is largely dependent on Middle Eastern oil. If all they had was date palms, the rest of the world wouldn’t give a stuff how much they fought amongst each other.

But they’ve got the oil.

It reminds me of a scenario by my old Prostestant pastor. “Suppose an Arab statesman does a bit of fence building amongst his mates, and gets them together in some fashion. They then say to the West, “Right boys, either you get Israel out of there or we turn off the (oil) taps!” We’d all be broke in a week!”

I think it will happen too, except that at the moment there’s no Arab statesmen, just a bunch of squabbling warlords.


The oil the U.S. uses comes almost entirely from North America. That which is imported from elsewhere gets less and less. The big users of M.E. oil are Europe and Asia.

But I agree that, but for oil, and what it can buy (arms, nukes, madrassas in the west) nobody would much care what the locals in the M.E. do to each other.

Can the oil states tell, say, China with impunity that it’s going to be cut off from oil? Beyond that, can the various sheiks and potentates tell their supporters that their salaries will now consist of a handful of dates and a yard of cloth? No they can’t do either one. They’re as stuck with the oil situation as much as is anyone else.


I realize many believe this, but is it true?

Saddam Hussein did not attack Iran because of America. He did it for a waterway that dominates the delivery of oil to the Persian Gulf and because he feared the mullahs.

Assad and Iran created the conditions for ISIS, not the U.S. Sooner or later, Saddam Hussein or his awful sons would have faced an ISIS of their own. They knew it, and that’s why they murdered and tortured so many, just as Assad has done. But as with Syria, the lid would have blown sooner or later.

Sometimes the foreigner is preferred to the nearer enemy. When Obama left Iraq, the Sunni tribal leaders, Al-Sistani and the Kurds all asked us to stay. Why? Because they knew each other and the neighbors, and they knew us as well. No mystery to it.

They hoped we could be the force that could keep peace, and for a time we were. But Obama threw that away for political reasons, and so now the Middle East is a mess of warring factions, some of which have the money to develop nukes or buy them. And without western intervention and peacekeeping, that’s exactly what will happen, and then somebody will miscalculate and we’ll see the worst devastation mankind has yet seen.


Good reason for the US to call an end to the cold war with Russia. Once good relations are reestablished with Russia, the US will be able to buy all the oil it wants. The sticking point today with Russia seems to be mostly with Ukraine. But why not let Ukraine separate into east and west and breakup similar to what occurred with Czechoslovakia or with Yugoslavia. Even Ukraine has oil, so once the situation there is settled and the situation with Russia is improved, the USA should have access to more than enough oil for years to come.
But there is another problem in the Middle East, and that is Israel which refuses to accept a Palestinian state. The US needs to put more pressure on Israel to accept the Palestinians as neighbors and to stop the brutality against so many Palestinian young people.


Too late.

American hatred of Russia has damaged relations for an extremely long time.

Iran and Saudi Arabia being at loggerheads doesn’t worry me but those two be best mates would make me feel different.


While were at it, for any of their areas that want independence inside Russia, let’s hope we can see that happen, I’m sure that would be just as reasonable.

Northern Ossetia
Yakutia (Sakha

And so on. Whatever parts want independence, let’s push for their secession.

Sounds fair.


The U.S. gets its oil from North America almost exclusively, and will soon be a net exporter. We don’t need Russian oil.

How about Russia getting its agents and soldiers out of eastern Ukraine and honoring its commitment to the territorial integrity of Ukraine? Even the majority of Russian speakers in Eastern Ukraine don’t want to be separated from Ukraine. The villain in all of that is Russia, which has visions of recreating its Tsarist and communist empire. To the extent there’s a “Cold War” again, it’s totally Russia’s responsibility. Yielding other peoples’ land to Putin will be no more successful than it was when England and France yielded Czech land to Hitler.

Pressure to accept a Palestinian state? Roughly equivalent to accepting an ISIS state. Nobody wants one next to its citizens, which is why even Arab Egypt has barriers against the terrorists who run Gaza. Besides, there are already two Palestinian states. Why should there be a third?


You forgot Finnish Karelia. How about letting it go back to Finland, allowing only the Finns there and the Finns who were removed, vote on the question?

Well, and then there’s Koenigsberg and East Prussia, though the Russians probably killed or exiled all of the Germans that were there by now.


One can easily say the reverse.


Beat me to it; at least where the nachal’stvo (“leadership”) are concerned.

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