Iran to ban permanent contraception after Islamic cleric's edict to increase population



Like many Caucasian-dominated nations, Iran actually has a low birth rate.

At least this move is more or less in line with Catholic teaching. :shrug:


The reason for it is purely secular in nature.

Khamenei issued a decree in May calling for more babies to “strengthen national identity” and counter the “undesirable aspects of Western lifestyles”.


This is the flip side of China’s 1-child policy, and neither of these bad policies should be the province of government. This should be up to the couple themselves, and no one else. :mad:


While I disagree with the sentiment in total there is some truth in your statement. If the state has no moral objection to contraception in general, it doesn’t quite seem the governments place to ban (only?) permanent contraception, merely to promote its policy of raising the birth rate and rejecting western influence. It could instead give baby bonuses but I suppose the ban is cheaper.


But why is it of any concern to the government how many children a couple chooses to have? A nation may feel they are over-populated or under-populated, but when they start dictating to a couple how many children they should have, they are grossly overstepping their bounds.


Well the government isn’t dictating how many children a couple can have (except in China) merely using policy to influence behavior (which the government does a lot, think of tobacco taxes, actually most tax policy). In fact that is what a policy is, accomplishing a priority with laws and regulations. So Iran is using a stick (taking away something) while western governments use a carrot (baby bonuses, long parental leave etc) to influence its populace to have more children. Whether or not a government should do this or not is really not the problem (it could be for the good of the state), but methods certainly are a problem, as is seen in China. In this case it seems rather odd to only prohibit permanent contraception when there is no moral, ethical, or health/science reason to prohibit it, since this doesn’t seem like a good way to accomplish the stated policy.


Kudos to Iran for banning sterilization!


Well, good for them. At least they’re smart enough to realize this. Can’t wait for the dying West to realize its foolishness.


One is inclined to doubt it will make a significant difference in the birth rate; perhaps none at all.




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