Iran to stop using US dollar in response to Donald Trump's 'Muslim ban'


The Iranian government will no longer use the US dollar in official statements or for financial reporting, local media has reported.

The governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Valiollah Seif, made the announcement on Friday, adding that the country would switch to another common foreign currency or a basket with a ‘high degree of stability” for all financial and foreign exchange reports.

The decision will go into effect at the beginning of the new fiscal year in March.


That’s fine, they are on notice for their missile test


Good luck with that Iran, and no one cares.


Ten years ago Iran stopped using the US dollar where it was most impacting, for them.


Yet another article falsely calling it a “Muslim ban”. I’ve lost count now.


The report sounds like Iran is preparing itself for U.S sanctions in the future, due to their behavior of blowing up cargo ships and illegal Iran missile test’s, that violates the nuclear treaty with President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, that never had full congress approval.


It may be. It may be Iran is preparing itself for an extended proxy war, at the least.


Why did he accept the billions paid by Obama?:shrug:


This came up in another thread.

The Obama administration did not pay Iran billions of dollars (whatever the actual number was). It released some Iranian assets that had been frozen in the United States.

It wasn’t our money.


The uninformed.


You mean this isn’t about stopping radical Islamic terrorism?


I mean, if Trump had proposed a ban of all Muslims repeatedly during his campaign, or some type of extreme vetting targeted at Muslims, then I could see the media using the term “Muslim ban,” but as we all know, he never said anything like that.


A statement on Donald Trump’s plan to ban all Muslims from entering the US has mysteriously disappeared from his website.

On the same night that millions of votes were pouring in for the real estate mogul turned politician, the page linking to his December 2015 statement was removed.

Donald Trump states, “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the united states…” December 7, 2015.

Timeline of his changing language:


I thought it was pallets of non-US currency so they technically did not get and US dollars.


A federal judge ruled that the money could be garnished by victims of Iran, but it didn’t happen because the government blocked it. Had that not happened, it would already have been gone.

Since Iran undoubtedly promises more atrocities in the future and is, in fact, creating them now, the money should be held to pay future claims.

Nothing unusual in that, in the civil courts it happens a lot when future collection from some outlaw is doubtful.


The Iranian regime and It’s supporters who pray and chant “death to America” is already in a proxy war with the U.S by itself.

Since the Mullah’s took over a beautiful Persian Culture with Islam. The Persians finally had an opposing political group, to oust the Mullah’s, and who looked to the newly elected President Obama for support. When the support did not come from President Hussein Obama. The Persian’s political (female) leader was assassinated.

I say this because there are a people of Persia who are silenced by the Mullah’s and want their country back, but have been set back a generation or two, thanks to President Hussein Obama’s support for the Mullah’s in power over Iran.


A secret transfer of billions in cash, to a terrorist support regime, draws much skepticism. Especially when it was reported by eyewitness hostages, that they heard the Iranians state; they will not be released from the Iranian regime until the private plane with the cash arrives in the Mullah’s hands.

When the hostages released their story, President Obama justified the secret money transfer, by stating the money was not used to release American hostages. But it was frozen assets released to the Iranian regime, while the U.S congress was not informed of the frozen assets being released to the Iranian regime. Something smells a foul here.

Now that the facts are out, you be the judge. Whether the billions paid to the Iranian Mullah’s who support terrorist groups and killed American soldiers,or the Persian people?


yes something rotten in Denmark over the money transafer.


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