Iran unveils new fighter jet to have ability to deter the US


Khomeini looked quite pleased as he sat in the fighter. Bet he was dreaming of what he would like to do to the United States. :airplane:


Carbon copy of Northrop T-38.

April 1959.

Not stealth.


Ok - not a big deal!.


Does it fly?


??? Ruhollah Khomeini died in, what, 1989?


That’s their president Hassan Rohani in the fighter and Iran has a habit of claiming big military accomplishments, as no-one can independently verify them it’s wise to take their claims with a pinch of salt. They have a quite large navy for example and make much of that. However, much of it is ageing and quite decrepit and kept going by cannibalizing spare parts from all over the place. Iran is on paper a military giant but the reality is much of their equipment is ageing and not in great condition.

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Yes, but it’s a little long in the tooth.

There are a bunch of worn out T-38 trainers in the boneyard.


That is the nickname given to all of their “dear leaders”.


Not it’s not. Khomeini is a surname. You may be thinking of the term Ayatollah.


Did you say Ayatollah?


My uncle was the AF colonel in charge of the MAAG mission to the Iranian AF in the early 1970s. He had the following stories:

  1. During war games, the “enemy” cut the communication cables. The Iranians tied the two cables together in a knot to “fix” them.

  2. The main tactic of the Iranian AF in the war games was to attack the “enemy” the day before the war games began. “The Israelis did it in 1967,” the AF officer said.

And that was under the Shah. Having said that, they fought a blood-soaked war with Iraq for 8 years and lost hundreds of thousands of soldiers. You can’t discount their bravery.


Indeed not, but as Iran outnumbers Iraq threes times over populace wise it does illustrate that they are no quite the military power they often present themselves as. Sure, Iraq was getting significant US help at points but even so Iran in theory at least should have walked all over them. The reality was rather different.


Yeah, but they beat the heck out of the Romans about 2,300 years ago.


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