Iranian baby caught in travel ban can head to US for surgery, governor says


NEW YORK — An Iranian baby with a serious heart defect may soon get the medical attention she needs in the United States.

Several congressional Democrats released a letter Friday evening asking Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to grant a waiver for the child and her parents.

The baby’s heart surgery is still in limbo, but Cuomo released a statement about the family being able to come to the United States.

“This evening we were pleased to learn that the federal government has now granted Fatemeh Reshad and her family boarding documents to come to the United States,” Cuomo said…

…Last month, Iranian doctors in Tehran told Fatemeh’s family that the 4-month-old has structural abnormalities and two holes in her heart, but they lacked the resources to treat the infant.

Fatemeh and her parents boarded a flight to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on Saturday, but they were rerouted back to Iran and told to reapply for a US visa in 90 days.

Teghizadeh worried his niece wouldn’t make it until then.

The delay came after Trump’s executive order put an abrupt stop on travel to the United States for citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, including Iran. A federal judge on Friday temporarily stopped the order…

…State and federal officials intervened on behalf of the family, Amber Murray, a Washington-based immigration attorney working on the case, told CNN.

Attorneys contacted State Department officials to help the family obtain an emergency waiver to navigate around the ban.



Praying the heart surgery will help the baby and provide even a full recovery from the heard defect. Glad to hear the administration is open to exceptions to the temporary ban.



Praying for baby and her family…


Praying for this baby and also instead of starting a new thread on a similar topic of children being affected by Trump’s ban, I am hoping that in another case (link provided below) that this toddler’s father can return to see him after the precious little fellow was severely burned and disfigured in an Iraqi refugee camp. The father and his 2 yr old son came to Boston for treatment. The father went back as his wife was giving birth. They even named their new baby “Trump” to show appreciation for their son receiving treatment in the US. But now the Trump ban has kept the father from returning and kept him and the little boy’s mother from being with their toddler. A result of Trump’s ban. And the Republican Party calls itself the family values party?


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