Iranian boats harrassed U.S. destroyer in Persian Gulf


Iranian boats harrassed U.S. destroyer in Persian Gulf

Source is The Navy Times.


Fox had video this morning. Reminded me of four little terriers snapping at the paws of a lion.


Guessing Iran must have spent the $400M and is hankering for more.


They have a bomb to build and they ain’t cheap. :mad:


Navy: US ship fired warning shots at Iranian boat after it came within 200 yds in 2nd such incident in days


I hope that a war with Iran does not start. The last thing we need is another war.




Letting terriers get too close resulted in the sinking of a U.S. destroyer.

Wouldn’t take much to fire a couple of torpedoes.


The Cole has been repaired and is long since back in service, but your point is well taken.


The bane of a hay harvester is a farmer who has left plastic net wrap in his field. It’s common because big round bales are wrapped with it. If a farmer feeds his cattle with the wrap still on, they eat the hay out of it and leave the wrap. It becomes invisible in the field because grass grows up around and through it.

If the hay mower, tedder or baler picks any of it up, it tangles in and fouls the machinery, and it’s a devil to remove.

Now, it would be a bit different, but the navy ought to contract with the manufacturers of net wrap to make clear net wrap (most of it is white or green) they could toss out into the ocean when radar indicates approaching Iranian boats over the horizon. One pass through the net wrap and the Iranians’ propellers would foul and they would be dead in the water until somebody goes down and laboriously cuts the stuff off.

Well, it’s a thought. :slight_smile:


I like it!


Why is an American military vessel in the Persian Gulf?

If you don’t want the neighbors yelling at you, don’t want their dogs barking at you, don’t walk through their backyards with weapons.


There is a thing called International Waters.

The neighbors do NOT have the right to block the street.

The neighbors are not allowed to make close passes at your car on the street.

There are “Rules of the Road” on the road … and on the seas.

And in the air.

International waters.

AND if you do not assert your rights, then they may find a pretext to closing the international waters [or the road] to outside traffic.

It’s all well established legal stuff.

Not invented yesterday.


This story is 100% fabricated. Period. The U.S. is seeking to manufacture another Gulf of Tonkin lie, this time in the Persian Gulf. We’ll begin bombing within hours of Hillary being sworn in.


Evidence, please, or did you forget the smiley?


I linked using the word bombing. :slight_smile: As far as this being a hoax, one simply needs to understand how war is waged.


Which story?

Were rules of the road in international waters violated?

Who will order the attack? Hillary or Trump?

Please clarify.


The article in the Navy Times is a propaganda stunt. Hillary Clinton has flat out vowed to destroy Iran, and that is exactly what is going to happen when she’s ushered in as President. This is part of the pretext for war, which the U.S. always engages in after they’ve chosen their target country. Our media will continue to do everything they can to demonize Iran, and then at some point near the election some sort of gory, cinematic humanitarian crisis will be shown around the clock on television, after which it will be Hillary’s noble responsibility to initiate a bombing campaign.


Seems more than a little strange.

Russia is using Iran as a base to bomb neighbors.

Russia has paid Hillary $145 million in commissions for approving Russia’s take over of American uranium.

Basically, Hillary is working for Russia.

So, why would Hillary bomb Iran?

Iran is also the major international supporter and financier of terrorism.

Iran just collected hundreds of millions of dollars and international currency from the United States.

Hillary attacking Iran seems to be a non sequitur.


For Israel, as she herself says. “Existential threat,” yada yada yada.

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