Iranian prez asks for the pope's prayers


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Iran’s president has asked Pope Francis to pray for him after private talks at the Vatican.

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This might be a sign of hope.


Any of you starting to get the idea that our Catholic Church is closer to Shiites than to Sunnis?
Well I’ve had that opinion for quite a while and finally decided to share it with y’all …

Yes, I think the division in Islam is similar to that in Christianity with the opposite proportions
And Catholic Republicans might want to consider who’s sitting along side of them on the elephant’s back.

Isn’t Kerry Catholic as a matter of fact?



What makes you say that about Catholic and Shiites?


Shiites believe in saints.



I know right, I can’t imagine how you arrived at that. And how did John Kerry get in the mix?



Catholic saints?


The following is just to show that I’m not alone with my comparison as you seem to suggest:

John Kerry IS Roman Catholic and He DID negotiate the deal with Shiite Iran …
take it or leave it that his motives may have had anything to do with a desire to be more close with Iran.

My words were “closer to Shiites”, not the same as Shiites.



The supreme leader of Iran might have something to say about this


ISIS beieves in destruction of idols - statues, tombs, etc.


I have respect for Kerry but even way back in 2004, he would not compromise on the issue of same-sex marriage.

Many say Iran is the largest state sponsor of Terrorism.

Also, undoubtedly, Iran funnels weapons and missiles to Hezbollah and others that are then lobbed at Israel.

Though ISIS shows a stark contrast of persecution of Christians, there is a record of Christians fleeing Iran per persecution. It’s just that it may be much more milder.

And the billions Iran will get off this deal? It may work out.

Let alone, talk about proxy wars in that area like Yemen and probably Syria too.

My personal opinion is that the oppression in Syria unleashed the radicals of ISIS.


On Holocaust Memorial Day, Ayatollah Website Posts Video Questioning Holocaust

( – As the world on Wednesday marked the Nazis’ systematic killing of six million Jews during World War II an official Iranian website linked to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei posted a video quoting the supreme leader’s questioning of the Holocaust.

“No-one in European countries dares to speak about holocaust [sic] while it is not clear whether the core of this matter is a reality or not,” read the English subtitles accompanying audio from an excerpt of a speech by Khamenei, over images of the entrance to Auschwitz and piles of Jewish corpses.

“Even if it is a reality, it is not clear how it happened,” he adds.

In the video, released on the site, Khamenei continues to say: “Speaking about holocaust and expressing doubts about it is considered to be a great sin.”


Thanks, I don’t believe any of it and think your impressing your politics in a place which has not a thing to do with it. :shrug:


Please explain my “politics”, “thing” and “it”. :confused:



ISIS is a Sunni bag of tricks not Shiite.

Hezbollah got labeled as terrorists when their only guilt was fighting a war against Israeli invasion of Lebanon that goes back to 1982 and continued into 2006 …
they stopped the invasion, but yes they did lob rockets into occupied territories.

[quote= ]
The Islamic State for Iraq and the Levant is mostly funded through criminal activity, such as the theft of a potential $425 million from a central bank in Mosul. But the group is also receiving private donations from wealthy Sunnis in American-allied Gulf nations such as Kuwait, Qatar, and, possibly, Saudi Arabia.


[quote= ]

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) launched a ground invasion of southern Lebanon. Israel also imposed an air and naval blockade.[56] Hezbollah then launched more rockets into northern Israel and engaged the IDF in guerrilla warfare from hardened positions.[57]

The conflict is believed to have killed between 1191 and 1300 Lebanese people,[58][59][60][61] and 165 Israelis.[62] It severely damaged Lebanese civil infrastructure, and displaced approximately one million Lebanese[63] and 300,000–500,000 Israelis.




Hizbollah (Iran) is responsible for more than that, including the Beirut bombing, the Khobar Towers attack, rocket attacks into Israel proper, on and on.


Although those instances are read as terror attacks by the recipients, Hezbollah supported by Iran reads them as war against Israel supported by the USA.

Again the war between Israel and Lebanon goes back to 1982 actually before Hezbollah came to Lebanese aid.



Yes, from Iran’s point of view, that’s how they would present it.

But it goes back further, and other points of view paint it very differently. Syrian incursions into Lebanon date back before 1976. But they reached a more serious level in 1976, when Syria essentially took over the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon’s breadbasket, setting up terrorist training camps there.

The 1982 war was actually between Israel and Maronite Catholics on one side and the Palesinian Liberation Organization and Abu Nidal faction on the other. There was a chance of lasting peace when PLO and Abu Nidal were defeated, but when Syria engineered the assassination of the Maronite president Gemayal and threw its support behind Iran’s Hizbollah, that possibility went a-glimmering, Israel and the Maronite Catholics forces withdrew from southern Lebanon, and Hizbollah/Iran/Syria have ruled most of Lebanon since then.


Report: 24 Bahais sentenced in Iran for as much as 11 years each.

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