Iranian woman sentenced to be stoned

People can try to stop the stoning by raising public awareness and contacting their law makers. The woman has already been flogged 99 times. Her children are asking for help to stop the stoning.

You can also participate in an online petition.

Father in Heaven help this family.

Thanks for the info, will definitely pray for her. Online petition done.

signed :frowning:

Thank you gmarie21 and NotCrazyDan,

I sure hope the international community can help. I just can’t believe that the leader of Iran is going to permit this barbarism. The woman is a mother of two children and the world is watching.

Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Mother Teresa said that we can judge the civilization of a country by how that country treats mother and child. What I do not clearly understand is why is it only the woman that is condemned and not the man?

Please pray.

Apparently a statement was released indicating she won’t be executed by stoning; whether she will be executed by some other means remains to be seen.

What happened to the man with whom she supposedly had the alleged affair?

This “religion” is so full of hate.

Remember the Gospel passage where Jesus saw the Pharisees about to stone the woman caught in adultery? Well, this is REALLY similar here…

My dad has been frequently scheduled to give the homily on Sundays where that Gospel is read…One of the things he notes in the middle is “According to Mosaic law, both her and the man were to be stoned…So where is the man? Obviously they’re more concerned about their own self-righteous attitudes than about the spirit or even the letter of the law.”

About to sign that petition right now…but I fear the recipients will just laugh and ignore it.

From what I’ve read, the Jews abolished capital punishment about 40AD. They also had this clause where the woman would have to know about the law in order to punish her for adultery. Apparently, they were giving her an “out” as she was expected to really know the law.
Islam came about 600AD. This is Sharia Law. People are still back in the 7th century.Pathetic.

First, it is a religion, not a “religion.” Check your Catechism.

But, in my opinion, it is more like “this religion is so full of haters.”

But those “haters” claim their religion is directing them to do such hateful things. Actually, if its in the Quran, then they believe God is directing them to do it…if just in the hadiths, then its Muhammad, and thus indirectly God, since Muhammad is His prophet.

There is a big difference between someone doing something horrible, who happens to belong to a particular religion, and a person who does something horrible because they believe their religion directs them to do it.

Stoning a woman caught in adultery was also an Old Testament punishment. Remember Jesus and casting the first stone? I’m sure that those Jews could rightly say that God was directing them to kill a woman thusly.

There is a big difference between someone doing something horrible, who happens to belong to a particular religion, and a person who does something horrible because they believe their religion directs them to do it.

Both Moslems and Old Testament Jews would believe that their religions direct them to do it.

But, this is 2010, and such Old Testament commands and Qu’ran commands ought not have any force any more.

The major difference being the Jews were following God. The OLD Testament is divinely inspired. The Qu’ran is not.

So how many Jewish stonings have there been lately? Now, contrast that to the number of Muslim stonings. Care to venture which has more?

Lets now compare the number of beheadings. Care to venture which religion’s followers have more?

Now lets compare suicide bombings. Care to venture which religions followers have more?

How about forced conversions? How about intentionally attacking innocents?

The point being if you compare Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in the 20th and 21st centuries, only one seems to have a significant number of followers who believe their religion directs them to do such things. Care to venture which one?

Whether it is or isn’t, its adherents believe that they are following God.

No. I’m not into guessing games. Sorry.

It really isn’t important if any adherent of a religion sincerely believe a text is inspired from God. It’s either objectively true or it isn’t. There’s only one true religion.

Playing politically correct may be a guise for religious indifferentism.

You seem to be hiding from the truth Rich. You know the answer, you just choose not to acknowledge it. Its OK to not want to attack a religion, its not OK (and actually dangerous) to overlook the actual practices of a significant number of its followers.

Overlook? As when Catholics excuse the atrocities of the Crusaders because they were “freeing the Holy Land,” never mind that they sacked Christian Constantinople and killed every Jew in sight when they reached Jerusalem? Vermin infest every religion; I’m well aware of that.

Stoning a woman caught in adultery was acceptable in the Old Testament; the New Testament got rid of that. Those Moslem courts are backward to be sure, but they aren’t doing a barbarity any greater than that found in OT times. That said, the woman has suffered enough for her sin. This IS 2010, which all religions ought to recognize.

Yes, it is important because people act on what they believe their holy book says, whether it says that or not. You’ve heard the term “scripture-twisting,” I’m sure. Some Christians do that rather deftly, whether Scripture actually supports what they believe or not.

If Allah is God He isn’t my God. My God is one of love. Mine doesn’t direct His followers to stone women and to kill anyone who doesn’t believe in Allah. The Catechism probably does say it is a religion but Islam is totally opposite from Christianity.

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