Iranians consider mandatory execution for apostasy

Yes, another one from World Net Daily. :mad:

Iranians consider mandatory execution for apostasy
Christians being interrogated on suspicion of crime of leaving Islam

A plan is being discussed by lawmakers in Iran that would require the death penalty for anyone who leaves Islam for Christianity or someone who promotes such a conversion even on the Internet, according to a new report from Compass Direct News.

Those discussions of a penal code that was drafted earlier this year bring urgency to situations such as the two men arrested recently and under interrogation for that very crime, the report said.

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Look like most of the people I know will have “death” warrants out on them.:shrug:

And I was told no to say Islam is a Satanic evil religion here. Go figure!:mad:

It has seemed almost surreal to me to observe the Islamic apologists who come on CAF from time to time, many surely knowing full well that this site would not be allowed under an Islamic regime. Moreover, the participants would, if possible, be hunted down and, at the very least, prosecuted.

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