Iran's Crude for Feud Program

Iran’s Crude for Feud Program

**Iran Seeks China’s involvement in enrichment process, shoring up opposition votes within the UN Security Council **

Crude for Feud: :rotfl:

The Washington Post reports that Europe and the US are still short the number of votes required to refer Iran formally to the UN Security Council, as the on-again, off-again reports of Russian ‘support’ wave freely in the wind. As The Post puts it in the article, “Russia is concerned that a referral of Iran to the Security Council would result in international sanctions against one of its major trading partners.” It should be remembered that one of the staples of that trade is the lucrative design and construction of some of the very Iranian nuclear facilities in question. This conflict of interest impedes any and all progress with respect to Russian support for the US and EU efforts to curb Iran’s nuclear apetite.

Where have we seen this before?

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