Iraq archbishop: Where were all those protesters while ISIS committed genocides?


Everyone, including the administration, seems to agree that this should have been implemented with more clarity. There was much confusion about what the order meant and many people were very upset.

From my perspective in Iraq, I wonder why all of these protesters were not protesting in the streets when ISIS came to kill Christians and Yazidis and other minority groups. They were not protesting when the tens of thousands of displaced Christians my archdiocese has cared for since 2014 received no financial assistance from the U.S. government or the U.N. There were no protests when Syrian Christians were only let in at a rate that was 20 times less than the percentage of their population in Syria.

I do not understand why some Americans are now upset that the many minority communities that faced a horrible genocide will finally get a degree of priority in some manner.


Of those who are still here, I truly hope most of our people won’t seek asylum outside of Iraq, but I cannot stop them if they believe this is the only way they can have a life. The hardship and hopelessness, especially among the displaced people, is incredible. These people have lost everything on earth because of their faith in Jesus Christ. It is that simple.

They have kept their faith, but everything else has been taken from them. Everything.

Quite a sobering interview. Thanks for posting.

What is your impression of President Trump so far?

I am not a politician and I do not offer political endorsements, but on the issues that affect my people directly, I can say that I am pleased that an American president is focused on the plight of small religious communities - including the Christians - in Iraq. In many ways, this gives us a renewed hope for the future that we are not alone and abandoned by the West and by the United States, which was the common belief here up until now.


In unity in prayers our hearts are with our brothers and sisters who are persecuted because of their religion.

For too long you have suffered and forgotten. Now you have an American President who offers some consolation to your plight by destroying those who are bent on your disappearance from the face of the earth. Hope he will succeed in doing that or at least offer a respite.


Excellent read; thanks for the article.


I pray that everyone reads this


Thank you for the article! A must read!


Very touching interview. Thanks for sharing.


I wish we heard more frequently from people “on the margins”. It gives great perspective. Thank you for sharing this. :slight_smile:


No kidding.

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