Iraq: Nuns, orphans released by kidnappers

(Vatican Radio) Two nuns and three orphans under their care have been released in Iraq by kidnappers linked to ISIS, the Al Qaeda-inspired Sunni militant group also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Speaking to AsiaNews, Chaldean Patriarch Mar Louis Raphael I Sako expressed relief that there was “finally good news” in the country where ISIS, under the banner of a new Islamic “caliphate,” has captured large swathes of territory from the Shia led government in Baghdad.,_orphans_released_by_kidnappers/1102891

I am very happy that these two nuns and three orphans were released. It is truly an answer to their prayers for release.


Thanks be to God.

Thank God!


Glory and praise to you our heavenly Father.

Amazing how this story wasn’t covered at all by the American media. Thank goodness the sisters and the children are now safe.

I agree. It is unfortunate that things like this don’t often get put in the mainstream American media. I wish they would do so. For one thing it’d be nice to have positive and uplifting stories more often in the mainstream media. For another, it would give people a little bit of hope for the situation in Iraq when one could easily be tempted to despair when looking at their situation.

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