IRAQ - Patriarch of Baghdad: USA, EU and the Arab League must clear Nineveh plain of Jihadists [AN]


Mar Sako calls for a joint intervention to crush the Jihadist threat and “help the displaced” Christians, Yazidis and Shiites to return to their villages of origin. International efforts undertaken so far are “insufficient” and a central government “still being formed” cannot be relied upon. Sadness at the continuous migration of the faithful, Christian “heritage” of Iraq at risk.



Good luck with that!


Doesn’t seem very likely to me.

Europe will do nothing without a strong American commitment to serious combat gound forces. Obama won’t do that, and even if he said he would, who would believe him? He abandoned Iraq to jihadis once, why would anybody think he wouldn’t do it again?

The UN is powerless.

The Arab League is close to powerless.

So that’s that.


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