Iraq’s Christians See Putin As Savior


… “I don’t want to leave. I don’t want these terrorists to do what no one’s ever done before: push Assyrians out of our historic homeland, but I can’t work like this,” said the fresh-faced IT technician, his voice rising, as he sipped tea in his cousin’s Erbil liquor store a month after death threats forced him to abandon his business in Baghdad.

Youssef will be the last of his immediate family to jet off—joining roughly two-thirds of Iraq’s pre-war population of 1.5 million Christians who’ve fled abroad or trudged north to Kurdistan. Before he goes, though, he’s keen to set the record straight and settle some old scores.

“This is America’s fault. It’s the Muslims who are killing us, but this never would have happened if the West hadn’t turned our lives upside down,” he fumed. “Maybe we’ll be able to return one day if we have proper allies.”

Enter Putin stage right.

As far as some of his Iraqi co-religionists are concerned, there’s a ready-made alternative to American influence out there and they’re frantically trying to solicit its support.

“Russia proved through history that it’s the only defender of Christians,” said Ashur Giwargis, who heads the Assyrian Patriotic Movement (APM), which for two years has energetically lobbied the Kremlin to support an independent Assyrian Christian state in northern Iraq.

Until recently, the Beirut-based exile and his colleagues, who are scattered among the global Iraqi diaspora, had little to show for their efforts, but in January, as Western-Russian tensions escalated over Ukraine, Giwargis was summoned to Moscow to meet government officials. …

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The last few lines of the article touch on the possibility of the Russian Federation supplying fighter planes to the Iraqis. Something which is now a reality:-|nextstory


Yes, I noticed that. … well we didn’t so they got them from someone who was willing to sell them to them. Also, they have a lot of spare parts for Russian military equipment, that is where Saddam got his equipment.


Americans did not supply them but as I am not an US citizen I am not part of ‘we’ in this instance. They also have potential orders for a number of attack helicopters and a large number of other items they are considering ordering from Russia.

They would certainly be waiting for a time period close to forever if waiting for my own country to supply them equipment as it has virtually no domestic defence industry and five SU-25 ground attack craft would be more potent than our entire Air Corps.


This is why I’m so pro-Russian :thumbsup:


Long live Putin - I won’t say anything about his Jihad loving counterpart.



Me too! :thumbsup:


I just read a news article and ISIS wants to be called an islamic state and they are calling to create a caliphate and they named the person
who they want to be the caliph.

I doubt if they will want christians inside the caliphate.


Putin has a lot of pull with Assad and Iran, due to his scaring Obama away from the former and his selling nuke technology to the latter. I think I missed the news where he sent Russian troops to protect Christians in Syria.

Might be too busy shooting Christians in Ukraine, employing a Chechen mercenary monster in the Crimean part of the genocide. Probably doesn’t come cheap.


1.Assad’s government was favorable to Christians.
2.Christianity and Judaism are legal in Iran. Far from perfect, but miles better than Saudi Arabia which is protected by America’s military.
3.I’ve seen quite a few icons and religious banners among the Russian separatists in Ukraine, and with Ukraine clearly indicating that they want to be part of the EU, we’ll see just how Christian they remain.

  1. So was Saddam Hussein’s. Both could use them because they are minorities used to opress the majority, and both did.
  2. Legal, technically, but highly oppressed. 2/3 have left since the 1970s. It’s also legal to be Christian or Jew in Saudi Arabia, but Christians are oppressed and Jews are essentially absent.
  3. Nevertheless, Putin is killing Christians in Ukraine. No denying it. And he has employed a Chechen mercenary killer to oppress and oust Ukrainians and Tatars from Crimea.

Russia is hardly better than the EU countries when it comes to actual participation in religious life. Not much to choose in that respect. However, EU countries are not fascist states, which improves the comparison considerably in favor of the EU.


Actually, the old medieval caliphate was not particularly hostile to Christians or Jews, either one. But it was a sometime thing, and depended on who was running the show. The Crusades were not inspired by Arab Islamic rule, but by the Turkic Seljuks.

But I agree the jihadi caliphate is unlikely to tolerate Christians at all.


Since Russia is not a fascist state either the comparison is fallacious and yet more of the nonsense and sneering and jeering that arises and is bandied about in a Pavlovian fashion whenever the word Russia is uttered in this forum.


Good that you said this. I have, in previous threads, asked Putin supporters to distinguish between a fascist state and Russia under Putin. You have the floor.


I think we have seen conclusive evidence of that.


In the 19th Century and most of the 20th Century, the level of real toleration for Christians might not have been a lot better, inherently. But back then, if some potentate was too bad about it, he was likely to get his cities bombarded by European or other powers who were not as reluctant to use power as westerners are now.

It isn’t as if the U.S., and even, occasionally, Europeans have not done so recently, but it seems it’s mostly in the wrong cause. Clinton bombed the thunder out of Serbia for the sake of Muslims in Kosovo. Obama did not hesitate to decapitate the Libyan air force and bomb government forces in Libya. But, again, that was for the benefit of Islamists there.

Well, one must admit that Australia aided Christians in East Timor with force. But it’s a rare thing.

In a world that only respects strength and always has, the west once understood that. It’s too bad, really, that the would-be mass murderers of the world do not anticipate the devastation of their organizations, infrastructure and establishments if they attack the west.

People are fond of saying the “moderate Muslims” should stand up against the terrorists and jihadis. But if they see that we are not a force for civilization, they cannot be much blamed for failing to stand alone in that endeavor.


If I had to choose between Obama and Putin, it would definitely be Putin.

To me Putin is the Fortinbras. (If anyone doesn’t get the reference it’s from Hamlet)


There is a difference, though. Two years from today, Obama will no longer rule the U.S. Putin will rule Russia as long as the FSB and the oligarchs want him to.


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