Iraq War vet says he was brutally beaten by a group of teens after they asked him if he believed 'that black lives matter'


Washington D.C. police said the suspects, all of whom are black, were three young men and one young woman. They said they aren’t currently considering the incident a hate crime.


Of course it won’t be a hate crime…he’s a white male…must have been his fault to begin with:rolleyes:


Nice inflammatory headline.
The story is shaky and suspicious.
Don’t believe everything you read.


Why can’t it be true? I was attacked in DC for being white.


Marquez is Hispanic.


Key words: “says” and “claims”.
Other key words “Iraq war vet” and “black lives matter”.
Any witnesses?
Sorry, but it smells. Anybody can claim anything they want, it doesn’t make it true just because of his military record or the current racial strife.
People should always be suspicious of stories with headlines like that until the police investigate and the details made public.
For all we know it may have been a barroom brawl.


BTW, “pack” is a word reserved for animals, not human beings.


Well something smells around here, starting about 514am PST.


In Communism you had to attend a community political meeting and publicly confess your sins.

This is the American version, where you are coerced to proclaim you’re guilty of receiving white privilege.


Communism lives as communism does.
Communism lives on in the white privilege myth.


Some of this whole episode happened in a McDonald’s, I’d think that not just are there witnesses but possibly CCTV.

That wasn’t the only indignity the veteran suffered: when he awoke on the sidewalk outside McDonald’s, he found his pants ripped and his wallet — containing $400 in cash, three credit cards and his Veterans Affairs medical card, among other things — missing.

The youths used the cards that night to the tune of $115, and Marquez hopes that the trail will help police catch them.

Possible credit card trail; surely, CCTV may have seen something somewhere, in stores and so on.


So he was mugged.
I still don’t see the significance of him being an Iraq war vet or the mention of “black lives matter”, which he claims.
The headline appears to be designed to inflame.


The manager of the McDonalds does support some of the claim.


All the manager saw was the teen-agers leaving after he did. No mention of any conversation between the victim and the assailants.
Let’s wait for the police to issue a report.
I guess a headline like “guy gets mugged in front of a McDonalds” wouldn’t sell enough papers.


Maybe this would have been better:

Former Marine, AU student says he was beaten in racially-motivated attack**

Or even this:

Decorated Marine vet attacked, robbed at Washington DC McDonald’s, police say

I do agree that news agencies such as the Guardian, NY Post and NY Daily News, as in this case, their story is used, Huffington Post and Daily Mail all have headlines that are often a bit slanted.

All news agencies probably have this some but some clearly, are worse at it. My personal tip is to try to find a story where the headline might not be as controversial.

NY Daily News, is that not considered the liberal one? Anyway, I thought NY Post and NY Daily News were considered a bit tabloid-like but I don’t really know from personal experience.

Sometimes they have cute covers about what ever, they seem to be a bit like the Sun in the UK. It doesn’t mean they don’t write good stories and sometimes people want to cut right to the chase about what they are reading.


Guess you have not seen pictures of the victim. Check your sources. I think they are behind the times.


The problem with the internet is that ALL news agencies are treated as the same. The Daily News has been a tabloid for years, but now they are thrown into the same category as the Washington Post. For once though, Fox news didn’t go that route.


I think the manager also said the victim looked knocked out. I am assuming he was laying on the ground.


Why don’t you think a group of thugs would use BLM as their approach line? Muggers usually engage the target with a question before attacking or demanding the money. It’s called deflection.

It doesn’t mean they would have not mugged him if he said “yes, I support BLM.”

When a group of thugs are ganging up on a mugee, ‘pack’ is the appropriate word to describe the assault.


You are probably right. The Iraq war veteran is making the whole thing up. Beat himself up, threw himself on the ground at McDonalds to cover up the barroom brawl he was in and then blamed it on some poor innocent youngsters and made up the black lives story to cover hugs you know what.

Yeah, that’s the ticket. :rolleyes:

Really? Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds?

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