Iraqi-American Christians rally in Detroit 'to stop the genocide'


Concerned about the plight of Iraq’s minorities, about 1,000 Iraqi-American Christians rallied Friday in downtown Detroit, part of an effort raise awareness about their dwindling population in Iraq as extremists gain power.

Carrying red crosses and signs that read “Save the Christians of Iraq,” the crowd prayed at Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit and then walked to the McNamara federal building, chanting: “Stop the genocide in Iraq” and “We demand action” . . .

Friday’s rally was led by local Chaldean (Iraqi Catholic) leaders and featured several Catholic prayers. Bishop Francis Kalabat of Southfield, who heads the Chaldean Church in the eastern half of the U.S, compared the plight of Iraq’s minorities to what Jesus Christ suffered.

All I see on my TV is round the clock coverage of the shooting of Michael Ferguson, stories about ISIS in Iraq and the murder of James Foley but nothing, almost no news stories and no news coverage, about the Genocide of Christians in Iraq in either the brain dead U.S. Media or the more brainy Canadian Broadcasting Corporation news.


Thanks for sharing this story.

All Catholics should be out rallying for Christians in Iraq!

Mainstream media is definitely bias.


My thoughts exactly.

I guess it doesn’t really matter since they’re only those nasty Christians. Serves them right. :banghead:


Does anybody know if they were joined in the protest by local Muslims?


I can’t answer your question but was wondering the same.

ICNA is part of a coalition rallying in key cities in support of Gaza.

ICNA certainly knows how to rally.

ICNA ‘roundly’ condemns ISIS.

My own gut feeling is that Muslim religion has no qualms in deceiving to achieve an ultimate goal. That is in stark contrast to the precepts of Catholicism. Taqiyya is a dispensation Islam affords its followers to use when under threat of persecution. A faithful Catholic would rather die a martyr rather than renounce his/her Faith.


I don’t know, however the news article mentions that several such protests have been held locally in recent weeks. A quick web search turned up at least one such protest in which Muslims participated:


I have been saying this to my family and friends for months. Media sources will not report these types of news using the terms persecution and Christians.


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