Iraqi Christians Arm Themselves, Fight Back Against ISIS


Tired of persecution and threats from the militant Islamic group known as ISIS, some members of Iraq’s Christian minority have decided to take up arms and fight to defend their homes and families.


Thanks for the post, Holly.

It’s so hard to find out what’s happening with Iraq’s Christians, as the MSM seems to have no interest in them. :frowning:


I received this letter today in my email box, from a Dominican sister in Iraq, in relation to how Christians are being prosecuted in Iraq. I do not have a link but this is it. It has been forwarded to all Irish members of parliament.

*Dear brothers and sisters,

We have entered the third week of displacement hoping that our cry will reach the world. We continue to share our daily struggle of providing shelter, food and necessities for the people. People are still living on the streets outside our schools that are now used as refugee centres. There are still no ‘organized’ camps apart from these. Christians, and Yezedians, have lost their land, their home, their belongings, their jobs, have been separated from their families and loved ones , and are all persecuted because of their religion. Over 75,000 have fled into the city. It is impossible to believe that this is happening in the 21st century, we wonder is there any end in sight?

We appreciate all efforts that have been made to provide aid to us. All political meetings have led to nothing. People cannot tolerate it anymore. Yesterday, a young man expressed that he would rather die than live, without dignity. People feel that their dignity has been stripped from them. We are being persecuted because of our religion. None of us ever thought we would live in refugee camps because of that.

We lost some of our sisters, some are still missing, an unknown number of Christians have died or been killed, and many more are scattered. However, the struggle is not only in the camps. What has happened in our Christian towns is even worse - fathers and sons murdered, many taken as hostages by the ISIS, families forcibly separated, homes destroyed. A three year old daughter was taken from her mother’s lap, and she knows nothing about her. The valley of Nineveh is emptied of its inhabitants where Christians have been for 2,000 yrs. Our convent in Tel Kaif is being used as an IS headquarters. They have destroyed 19 of our other convents and schools as well are our orphanages. This disaster is overwhelming, and we are unable to comprehend it all. What unspeakable barbaric atrocities.

Please! Please! Keep us in your prayers and pray the world will hear the cry of the poor and the innocent.

Sr. Maria Hanna OP

Dominican Sisters I Iraq

24th August, 2014

On behalf of*


Thanks so much for sharing that email you have received with all of us. Prayers are needed so badly and help of any kind. I have been praying for those in the Middle East being attacked and threaten by ISIS everyday because as much as I have read I know there is not real way for me to actually imagine and understand all that is going on over there and how much of a burden it can really be to carry. My God have Mercy on all of their souls.


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