Iraqi Commander: Fallujah 'Fully Liberated' From ISIS


Iraqi commander says Fallujah “fully liberated” from ISIS after month-long operation


I hope they can keep it liberated from ISIS!


I hope this is it too, that was a horror show.

ISIL declared an Islamic “caliphate” on the territory it holds in Iraq and Syria and at the height of its power was estimated to hold nearly a third of each country.

The latest government offensive began on May 23 and has displaced more than 60,000 people, with most people forced to fend for themselves.

“They have been eating rotten dates and animal feed - and drinking from the river, which is undrinkable” Karl Schembri of the Norwegian Refugee Council earlier told Al Jazeera, explaining that the city was already enduring difficult humanitarian conditions.

They are gonna have to do better than that.


This is good news. We need to defeat the fascists.


praying for the people of Fallujah and Mosul. Praying Mosul will be liberated quickly.


“According to the Prime Minister’s statements and military officials’ predictions, the city of Mosul under Daesh control and other regions will be retaken within a year,” El-Ubeydi said in a press conference in Mosul on Saturday.

Obama two months ago…

The increase raises the authorized U.S. troop level in Iraq to 4,087, not including special operations personnel, some logistics workers and troops on temporary rotations.

“We’re not doing the fighting ourselves,” Obama said, “but when we provide training, when we provide special forces who are backing them up, when we are gaining intelligence, working with the coalitions that we have, what we’ve seen is that we can continually tighten the noose” on Islamic State.

“My expectation is that by the end of the year, we will have created the conditions whereby Mosul will eventually fall,” Obama said.


Iraqis and U.S. intelligence predicted that if the U.S. pulled out of Iraq too soon, it would become a warring ground between radical Sunni and Iran. And so it has.

We should be careful what we wish for in this. The “Iraqi forces” are aligned with Iran, and our air force is essentially an extension of the Iranian military at present.

It’s too bad that we abandoned the Sunni allies we once had in the region. We left them with nothing but radicalism to turn to.


True and a shame, and it was the religious leaders of Iran who called for ceasing of the civilian torture and killing in Fallujah which in fact was carried out by an American backed and armed group; " Popular Mobilisation Forces."…

Some Popular Mobilization Forces are reportedly better equipped than the Iraqi army [IA], which likely has a detrimental effect on recruitment and retention in the IA. The US agreed to provide material and equipment, through the GoI, to the IA and selected elements of the Popular Mobilization Forces (militias). Unless the US advisors can determine what supplies and equipment are on hand in Iraqi warehouses, the US cannot eliminate the possibility that various factions of the Popular Mobilization Forces that the US has not agreed to support are being armed/supplied with material that the IA needs from those warehouses.

According to the report of the UN secretary-general on children and armed conflict in Iraq, released in November 2015, while there was no instruction for children to join fighting, children continued to be associated with PMF and militias in all conflict areas. UN observers reported children wearing military uniforms and carrying weapons, as well as parading alongside adult members of armed groups. The report stated that on June 7, the Ministry of Youth and Sports sent a letter to its directorates in all governorates encouraging the use of youth clubs for military training of youth.

On 28 July 2015, the Associated Press reported its staff witnessed dozens of camps around the country with hundreds of students training to join the PMF and fight Da’esh. A spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office responded that there were isolated incidents of underage fighters joining combat on their own but that the government did not condone children going to war. Observers noted there was no official encouragement for children to join militias, which occurred infrequently and generally due to family or peer encouragement.



This is definitely some good news.


Maybe. Iran is every bit as murderous as ISIS, the mullahs just don’t put it on Facebook. The Iraqi forces that took Fallujah are aligned with Iran. We can’t be sure that Shia/Iranian rule is going to be any more benevolent than rule by Saddam Hussein or even by ISIS.

But for sure, there are those who in the west (and betimes on CAF) would put Saddam back in power if they could, and they’re not likely to mind Iranian domination of the central Middle East any more than they minded Saddam Hussein’s domination in Iraq.


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