Iraqi forces 'advance against IS fighters'


The alarmists may not agree, but it clearly now appears that the tide is being turned against ISIS in Iraq, and there should be no need for a return of US-NATO forces to Iraq


Anybody who watched the early Afghanistan campaign in which a few Americans with radios accompanying the otherwise defeated and hiding-in-the-mountains “Northern Alliance” utterly routed the Taliban-lead Afghan armies knows what goes on here. The Iraqi forces have not suddenly gotten their act truly together. What’s happened is that US air power is being used to shatter ISIS formations of troops and equipment, then Iraqi army forces come in to mop up the broken and demoralized remnants. The air strikes themselves don’t kill all that many or destroy all that much. What they do is utterly disrupt ISIS ability to respond to the follow-on Iraqi troop attacks in an organized fashion.

It’s classic air-land strategy with one twist: the land part has been outsourced. But the Iraqis would fall apart again in a day without US air support. Hope Obama is smart enough to realize this.


Good news.

It means US combat troops aren’t needed and the Iraqis and Kurds can do it on their own.

Eventually, the Iraqi’s will have their own air power to finish it off.



Hmmmmm. NATO Imperialists will not take no for an answer if they want to move in.

After all, nothing more American to do than create a monster and then make a clarion call for billions in spending, thousands of lives in order to “slay” the "monster.


NATO has no interest in going into Iraq or Syria with combat forces.



This is definitely good news. For a while I was honestly afraid that a full scale ground invasion by the United States or even an international coalition was the only way to solve this problem which is Islamic State. I now have more confidence that perhaps Iraq will be able to solve this problem on their own or with the help of others in the region.


I don’t think we will be sending US troops there even if they can’t do it on their own. We would wait for Saudi Arabia to send in UAE troops.

Related news: ISIS execution toll after taking of Tikrit (in June) is now tripled what was confirmed before: between 560 and 770 men (mostly Iraqi soldiers):


We already decided to send more troops back to Iraq:

However, a lot of personnel going may be intelligence, we should have left intelligence to help the Iraqis but it is their war to fight in Iraq.

These people are getting aid now.

Mosul may take house to house fighting. Otherwise, a competent army at this point such as what Turkey has should roll right over ISIS.


Those are advisers and troops to guard US interest.

Not combat ground troops who will get engaged in an offensive against ISIS.

Hope this helps



Back in the 1970s, the Vietnam war came to an end but Senators such as Ted Kennedy voted against continued aid to South Vietnam and of course, South Vietnam eventually fell. We must be careful of what our politicians do. Same for some forays in Libya, Egypt and Syria and how we should have left at least some assistance in Iraq.


I was in the Marines in 1970.

The Vietnam war didn’t come to an end until we left.

It’s not the topic of this thread, so lets not go down that bottomless pit.



I sure hope these courageous men take care of these horrible individuals.


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