Ireland: Age of consent change opposed by Rape Crisis Network


What is it with these liberals and 16-year olds? When ever this issue comes up the liberals always want the age of sexual consent set at 16.

Move from 17 to 16 would ‘compound State’s failures’ to protect older children

I guess this means any existing laws protecting 16-year olds will now be repealed. :eek:


Quoting from the Irish Times article:

*Young Fine Gael has come out in support of lowering the age of consent.

It called for an criminal liability to be absolved where the ages of consenting individuals was less than two years apart.

“A lower age of consent will bring our laws into line with other EU countries and provide the legal recognition that people are having sex at a younger age,” the organisation’s president Dale McDermott said in a statement.*

If I understand that correctly, the lowered age of consent would mean that a person who is 18 year old would be able to legally have sex with a 16 year old. The proposed change would not allow anyone older than 18 to be able to have sex with a 16 year old. The law would only affect persons who are 16-18 years old.


If that’s the case, then I support the law. Sex offender laws, as applied in the US, are absolutely ridiculous. No 18-yo should be permanently labelled a sex offender for sleeping with their 16-yo partner.


My concern was the new law giving the thumbs up to a 59-year old adult seeking sex with a 16-year old.


Why is that significantly worse than a 59-yo adult seeking sex with an 18 year old? 18 and 16 are super-similar in maturity level. Either way I’d be super creeped out by a 60-yo man attempting to sleep with my teenage daughter, whether she was 16 or 18.


The age of consent was well below 16 in many European states not to many generations ago and several only raised it in the last few years. My great grand mother in Ireland was married at 15 and I suspect many of us here will find our family trees contain numerous such individuals. It is not the age of consent that is so much the issue as rather the sexualisation of society where marriage is increasingly no longer seen as a normal place to express the sexual urge. Lowering the age of consent by one year or raising it in Ireland will not deal with those issues.

After all our lady is model of purity and she is traditonally regarded as been well under 16 when Christ was born.


Under 18’s are legally considered children, so that means a 16-year old child will have no protection rights, but a 15-year old with an 18-year old will be illegal.


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